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"Glacial pop with a throbbing undercurrent of humanity" is what reads on their Facebook and it couldn't be more accurate!! This futuristic mysterious australian duo, formed by Edward Nigma (vocals) and Peter Uzzle (music), has been impressing with their sophisticate approach at electro. Their music aims to the stars and that's way they are the first band to broadcast a live gig to space, the question is, who will watch that? They've remained hidden in spacial like costumes throughout their carrer creating much more mystery around them and lots of speculation about their identities, being eventualy signed by Mercury Records. Their eponymous debut is set to be released in January 2011 and it promises to be a glittery album full of synth pop beats from the high space! It should be interesting ...

Watch two music videos and a preview of the space gig after the JUMP ...

The Phoenix Alive

Love Get Out Of My Way

The First Live Gig To Be Broadcast Into Space

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