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If you felt that Marina and the Diamonds was the only one with a shiny name, you surely haven't heard of Bright Light Bright Light. Rod Thomas is a Welsh singer who has been growing bigger and bigger in the past year. He's performed with Ellie Goulding (very appropiate considering her album re-release is titled "Bright Lights"), Noah and the Whale, Sparks (also featured in this poll), among others. But the interesting thing here is not his name, it's his sound! Maybe if Ellie had been born a men, she would be Bright Light x2. His voice sounds really excellent and I must say I'm slightly addicted to him, it's like my first initial reaction with Ellie, his voice has hypnotized me so much that I keep playing and playing his songs, I'm I crazy? Probably ... But BLBL (I'll start abbreviating his name) is the next electro king!! Just a thought, a duet with Ellie would be amazing!

Listen to some of his songs and buy "Love Part II" after the JUMP ...

Buy "Love Part II" HERE or HERE.

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