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One of the few acts featured in this poll who also appeared on the BBC Sound of 2011, this atmospherical goth trance Brighton's band is a real gem. Taking their name from a danish fairytale, the trio have created a really unique atmosphere and staging for their live shows, including old lamps and porcelain objects. Their first release "Violet Cries" is set to be released on January 31, 2011. "Marching Song" their first single, October 11, is the perfect song for them. The lead singer has done a magnificent work in this song and I bet she sounds as amazing in all the album tracks. Dark, twisted, and yes, lots of blood. Esben and the Witch have created a magical act and will definitely do good in the BBC poll, this kind of uniqueness has no waste.

Watch "Marching Song" and a live performance after the JUMP ...

Lucia, at the Precipice (Live)

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