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Probably the most complete artist in this list, Lauren Pritchard, a soul diva in the making and an Universal/Island Records artist, was, is and will be my favourite act featured. In addition to her modelly look, her soul singing, which is really missed nowadays, is so amazing that it's hard for me not to love her. In a world where pop and trash teen songs abund, Lauren raises as a beam of light from all those piles of garbagge and gives a little hope for the real music lovers (as cliched as that sounds). A Jackson, Tennessee native, Lauren moved to London after failing as a reggae singer and starring in Spring Awakening, and glad she did! Imagine the world without the great soul songstress we have here! Her astonishly debut, the appropiately titled "Wasted in Jackson" saw the light on October 25, 2010, with a physical release of February 22, 2011, and has become one of my all time top albums. Which instantely makes Lauren into my all time list of best artists. Also showing loads of talent in songwriting and video making, is something this girl can't do?! It seems there isn't, the question is, is the world as impressed as I am? I think it is ...

Watch the music videos of 4 of Lauren's best songs after the JUMP ...

Buy "Wasted in Jackson" HERE (iTunes UK), HERE (iTunes US), HERE (Amazon UK) or HERE (Amazon US).

When The Night Kills The Day


Not The Drinking


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