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Sweden is a talented country. Or that's what it seems cause the truth is that most of their artists are electro or disco singers. It makes me think that if I ever visit Sweden all I'll find is models and discos, (not saying that I won't enjoy that). Rosanna Eriksdotter-Munter, or just Rosanna, is of course, Swedish, beautiful and is an electro singer. So my statement is true? Robyn, Annie or even the incredible Tove Styrke all share similar styles and backgrounds, being all Swedish and singing all electro songs. Leaving that aside, Rosanna rises avobe them with her perky thin quircky voice, something that the others don't have. Despite already finding success with Swedish group Play, Rosanna opted to go solo and was recently signed by Popjustice Hi-Fi, yes, the label of that website with which Bright Light x2 is also signed. "Waterfall" was subsequently released as her first single on August 22, 2010 and she's now preparing to release her debut album next year. She seems to tick all the boxes, let's just hope her album shows diversity, although we can already see that on her incredible B-side "Runaway" which is much superior than her actual single ...

Watch and buy "Waterfall" and it's B-side "Runaway" after the JUMP ...


Buy "Waterfall" HERE (iTunes) or HERE (Amazon).


Flashing Lights

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