With the season already whiteled down to it's final 4 contestants, I decided it was about time I started covering it, you know, the show caught my attention last season and I was really impressed with the amount of talent there, so I said, I should cover that show next year! And well, I'm starting now! I know it's almost finishing, actually there is only one weeks left, but I really wanted to do it. So, without further talking, this is the recap. Oh yes, all contestants are included in this post, so there's a little comment on each of the eliminated contestants.

Read my recap and watch the videos after the JUMP ...

My favourites: Hans, Annsofi in "At Last" and Mo in "Beautiful".


Round 1:

Annsofi Pettersen

"Oh Holy Night" - Don't get me wrong, I love Annsofi, I consider her voice is flawless and I love the way she performs but this song was the most boring thing ever, maybe it's because a Christmas Theme is the most boring theme ever. The performance was stif and altough she was pitch perfect and I was impressed on how good she sang, I had to made a huge effort not to fall asleep!

Hans Bollandsås

"I'll Be Home By Christmas" - I usually don't support guys, generally the female singers have a bigger effect on me. Well, that wasn't the case with Hans. I've never felt so happy while watching someone perform. He won me on day one with his magnificent performance of Jace Everett's "Bad Things" and he keeps impressing me every week!  Even this one! He made a dull song sound amazing and he sang it perfectly. I'd be really upset if he doesn't win.

Atle Pettersen

"?" - I don't have a clue what this song is but I must say that it also bore me to hell! I mean, the lyrics may probably be beautiful, yes, it was in norwegian, and it was actually a beautiful performance but as it happened with Annsofi, the song was too slow and stif! I want the hard rocker Atle not the cheesy ballader! Not his best performance.


"Last Christmas" -  I don't know what it is but I hate Mo! He's like a bad Michael Jackson act. That thing he does is so Michael! He can sing but I hate his performances. They are so over the top and exagerated, it's like a little bit to much. Despite this, I sometimes like Mo's performances. For instance, "Purple Rain" last week was excellent but he made it simple. This however, it a major trainwreck!

Round 2:

Annsofi Pettersen

"At Last" - OMG! This is the Annsofi I love! Beautiful rendition of a song I adore and she really delivered a jazzy vibe in this one. Her deep voice with a raspy tone sounded really amazing. This may actually be one of her best performances, if not her best. I bet she's shoe-in for the final after this one!

Hans Bollandsås

 "Santa Claus is Back in Town" - WOW! That was definitely the performance of the night!! That's exactly what a great performance should look like. Amazing singing, entertaining and a massive guitarist! Hans voice here was so perfect! He sounded like a quirckier Elvis Preasley with a country twist. It's hard to explain but everytime I see Hans I think of vampires, I'm I the only one? I bet it's because of "Bad Things" but it's a little wierd! But still, I adore this guy and I'm backing him for the win!

Atle Pettersen

"Stop and Stare" -Mmm, I'm not sure of this. He's back to his rocky thing but that performance was really shaky. There were many bum notes there but still it was a hundred times better than his first performance, he actually seemed really confortable and the song suited his voice a lot more. However, I think Atle might be in trouble tonight as that wasn't good enough ...


"Beautiful" - After saying I hated his exagerated performances, Mo comes out and he does this! Thank you! This was a fantastic performance, really emotional. After this, he really deserves to be in the final, and I don't know how many fans he has, but I think he will. This was too beautiful for him not to be ...

RESULTS TIME! It's a hard one here! Only one contestant will miss the grand finale! Votes along decide who is eliminated! Who will be the only unfortunate guy? And the eliminated contestant is .... Mo!!! WOW! I guess he didn't have as much support as I tought! Lots of tears here! Well, I never liked him and I'm actually a little happy he left, at least my favourites are in the finals!!!!

Eliminated Contestants:

Eivind Nyberg Sagli

Eivind was the typical cute guy every season  has. But in this case, he actually was a good singer! He wasn't the best vocalist, but there was something in his performances that really attracted me. It was sort of a James Morrison with a bad voice day, still sounding good. I'd really buy his album because we all know things sound a hundred times better in the studio, and there's an excellent raw material here!

Post 4

I just hated them! They looked crazy and their voices were really, really annoying. I don't really understand who in hell they got so far! There were plenty of better contestants, take Marthe for instance! They were just two decent rockers who were just a little past their expiration date ...

Marthe Valle

Marthe was such a beautiful performer!! She was the most emotional contestant ever with such a pure voice!! Despite how much I loved Marthe and her beautiful voice, she posed as a one trick pony in the cometition. Nearly all her performances were slow ballads sang behind a piano. This was beautiful once, twice, but the third time it started to become boring. The lack of variety is what ruined her cause I was really rooting for her! I've no doubt that she will release a really good album but I would have liked to see her advance a little more in the competition!

Ole Gustav Johnsen

This guy was creepy. I actually started watching one of his performances but it was so wierd and scary that I had to turn it off! So I won't comment any longer, I'll only say that I don't recommend watching him perform!


This girls reminded me a lot to Mahogany, XF Australia 4th finalists. 4 beautiful girls with really good voices. They had some decent harmonies, I guess they weren't perfect cause their voices aren't too similar. They suffered from the girlband curse. They fell before they rise. But they got the 8th place, which isn't that bad.

Sofie Braseth

Sofie wasn't the best singer, nor the best performer, but she was interesting. She kind of reminded me a brunette Taylor Swift, but more poppish. Her cover of "The Scientist" was amazing but the rest of her performances were just dull. I guess the problem here is that she's an year too young. Maybe if she had applied an yar later or two, she could have achieved a better position, because her voice wasn't prepared right now.

Tanita Kolås

Tanita was ok. Not the best, not the worst, I'll say medium pack. Her voice was actually pretty and she managed to keep it on tune, but it didn't have anything special. It just sounded good. I can't distinguish that voice, the same problem I had with Sally Chatfield, from the XF Australia, she was a massive singer but her voice was common. However, I loved her "Russian Roullette/Love the Way You Lie" medley. She showed vocal power and ability, I'd actually buy an album with that voice.

2 Elements

They were decent singers but not exactly a top group. The boys were nothing near good, horrible singing and what the hell was that styling?! The girls were pretty good, maybe a little too thin. They were like a reggae duo joining a Girls Aloud like band. NOT good.

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