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If you ever thought you'll never find something wierder than Fever Ray or even the delish Marina and the Diamonds, you were wrong. That's because there's a new freak in town! We can almost do a parade now! Almost ... Jonna Lee was just a simple indie swedish singer who was doing really well with her quirky voice but thought it wasn't enough. Next step was covering her body with some kind of black mud and start filming herself doing strange sounds in viral videos withspread across the web. And that first attempt seemed to work. So she did another. And another. And we have almost 15 videos now!! But the wierd part isn't that, neither her name, nor her sound, there are the videos! iamamiwhoami has created a fantastic C.S Lewis like world positioning herself in the top spot of music conceptualization. Numbers, letters and the repeating phrase "To whom it may concern" all complete wrapping this fantastic gift that has been given to. What's more, Jonna's amazing charming and relaxing voice make this fantastic world a whole musical experience. And if my words haven't inspired you to check her, I'm sorry, cause she's a gem! She's got my vote!

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