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Geffen's biggest new star, the pet shop's best kept secret, Sunday Girl, is definitely my favourite new act for the coming year! Jade Williams earned that nickname by working on Sundays at a pet shop in England and not because she's obssesed with Blondie or something like that. Known by her covers of pretty popular songs, such as Ke$ha's "Tik Tok", and nailing them, Jade will surely be the biggest star next year. Her non inclusion in the BBC Sound of 2011 was criminal!!! She should have won that ... Her voice resambles, once again, Ellie Goulding's but it's a more effervescent and light voice, like a soft sweet melody that the air carries. Dark and wierd will probably fit her too but it's her simpleness what makes her such a fantastic artist. Her apparent lack of vocal power, which makes her sound even purer. Jade's sense of style is even greater. Her music video of "Stop Hey!", her debut single, which is coming out in January 2011 with an album following, shows exactly the kind of artist she's. A fun, dark singer, with a wierd look of the world and an obsession with animals, in the good way. And all her videos are like that, even her covers, all including them in some way. Sunday Girl may even take Ellie down of my top spot ...

Watch her music videos after the JUMP ...

Stop Hey!

Self Control

Tik Tok

Time To Pretend

Four Floors

Limit to Your Love (with Birght Light x2)

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