This is it!!! After 10 amazing weeks, we have our Idol Sweden winner!! We've lost incredible contestants in the pasts weeks, Elin, Linnea and Olle, and now only 2 of them remain!!! Once eliminated dark gal, Minnah Karlsson and hard rocked Jay Smith! Who will be crowned Idol 2010 winner?? Find it after the jump as well as my recap of the show!!

UPDATE: YouTube Videos Posted!

Read my recap, watch the performances and learn who was eliminated after the JUMP ...

Round 1:

Jay Smith

Higher (Creed) - I'm not liking this at all. Have I already said I hate those shouts he does to cheer the crowd. Hate them. And they are extremely annoying! He's singing it well but, again, I don't like his style. It's too monotonous for me, he always sounds the same, and I don't like that. Yes, he's a consistent good performer but it's not what I like. I prefer an unconsistent varied artist than one who always does the same. It was just ok.

Minnah Karlsson

What are you waiting for? (Gwen Stefani) - Oh yes!! I don't love this song but I do love Minnah! So now I love this song! She's that quircky little pleasure of mine! Amazing vocals, tough it had some flaws, and an incredible, almost contagious, energy! Her outfit is a bit wierd but hey! It's Minnah! She's wierd! I still miss Linnea but Minnah has somehow made me forget about her. Her dark approach to the songs is so incredible that I can't help falling in love with her! 100% backing her for the win! And those dancers and her faces were sick!

Who is Round 1 winner? Definitely Minnah!! Jay's song was mediocre and Minnah totally schooled him! So we are 1 - 0 for Minnah!

Round 2:

Jay Smith

Like a Prayer (Madonna) - Jay is middle stage in prayer pose surrounded by smoke and OMG!! This is out of this world!!! Jay won me with this!! Fantastic cover and his voice sounds surreal!! I've think I never said this but I love this performance!! It'll be really hard for Minnah to top this! That big note at the end was amazing!! Where is the boring Jay? This is so much better, a Jay 2.0!!!

Minnah Karlsson

Twist and shout (The Beatles) - I loved Minnah's performance the first time she did it and I loved it this time!! That duo of dancers behind her is useless. It seems more effort was put in Jay's staging, this is too simple. Fantastic voice and those shouts, altough a bit exaggerated, totally fit this song! Isn't she harming her voice shouting like that? Guess she's not ... Massive performance!

Who is Round 2 winner? This is a tricky one, both did amazingly and delivered perfect vocals, Jay had a better staging and that may have improved it, but I must say it goes for Jay! I was really blown away by that! So we are now 1 - 1! It's a tie!

 Round 3:

Jay Smith

Dreaming People (Jay Smith) - Will this winner's single be another cliche cheesy song? Well, it's, lyricaly at least. But I'm actually really liking how it sounds! And Jay's singing better than ever! I've know I've previously said I don't like his singing but I'm really digging this song! His voice sounds amazing, really raspy and very rocky, and actually pleasant. Not the hard rocker we've seen weeks before but a more calm and soft one. Love the arena shots, was it always that big? WOW! Jay sounded terrific towards the end! Really, really good ...

Minnah Karlsson

Dreaming People (Minnah Karlsson) - A very emotional performance! Minnah looks stunning and I think she sounded incredible! She didn't fail in a single note and the lighting really created a great moment! I would definitely buy that song! And I'll absolutely buy an album from her!! The ending was really impressive!! The notes she pulled were fantastic!

Who is Round 3 winner? Guess no one! Or we can call it a tie! Both did really good and I don't prefer any of them. They are really good in their own way. So we are tied!! That means that, based in the performance, anyone can win!

So, what are your views about this final? I think it was a kewl one!!! Amazing singing and two really good contestants. I still think it should be a Minnah - Linnea, ore Linnea - Olle final, but this was really good! I was truly impressed with Jay and Minnah proved why I love her so much!

And the winner is ..........


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