Country chick, Kate Cook, who was the 6th placer on the 7th season of Australian Idol, has recently released her first single and respectively music video for her original song, with which she auditioned for the show, "Make You Stay". The song was released to radios on February 1, 2010 and the music video premiered on March 28 on YouTube. I really didn't like her while she was on Idol, I think she was a country stereotype, you know, with the hat and the cowboy boots. But this song is incredible. She is so deep and it's such a sentimental song! I almost cried, almost. The ode to her mother, who commited suicide when she was 16, is a beautiful rendition and an exceptional performance by Kate. Really beautiful and true to her country persona.

Watch the music video for "Make You Stay" after the JUMP ...

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