The Supergroup are DSB own music group, which will perform every show adding 5 more members each. The initial five are really great. They could stay just like this! Laura and Nicola are really well known. Laura is a sensation in YouTube, her channel is HERE. Nicola was part of the british show Popstars The Rivals, where Girls Aloud was formed and Cheryl Cole took part in. The mash-up they performed was so incredible! Who would imagine so many songs could be mixed together?

All biographys taken from the DSB site.

Read the members info and watch their first performance after the JUMP ...

 Nicola Ward

Nicola started singing aged 4 at a karaoke event in Florida and it soon became apparent that she was born to perform and at 16 she enrolled at The Brits school where she obtained a BTEC in Dance. After finishing her course, Nicola started to audition for singing and dancing competitions. One of her early auditions was for Popstars: The Rivals – the show that propelled Girls Aloud to stardom. After impressing the judging panel throughout the auditions, Nicola was selected as part of the final 10 girls to compete in the live shows for a place in the final group. Sensationally before the live shows were to begin, Nicola pulled out of the competition, ultimately giving up her chance to be part of the group. Nicola now reflects on this as the worst decision of her life and states there isn’t a day that goes by when she doesn’t regret the decision she made. It was a decision influenced by her then partner who did not want her to take part in the show. Nicola was replaced by Nicola Roberts on the show who went on to become one of the five members of Girls Aloud. Nicola says her dad Eddie is constantly ribbing her when he sees Nicola Roberts on TV and in the papers and she wants to prove him wrong and be able to show him that she has finally made the big time. After Popstars: The Rivals, Nicola starting singing locally. She went on tour with Girls Aloud as a support act with girlband ‘Cookie’. She has been in various girl band line ups over the years but has so far been unsuccessful in finding the right vehicle for her talents.

Nataylia Roni

Nataylia is a professional performer who has just completed a tour of ‘The Harder They Come’, a reggae musical set in Jamaica. As well as her performing career, Nataylia also has a business mind and runs a promotions company called ‘Pampering World’ and is also an Associate with a company that sell retreats abroad. She says she’s still be performing when she’s 80. Her motto is simple. ‘If you’ve got a talent, use it. If you don’t use it you’ll lose it!’ Born in Birmingham, Nataylia has been performing since a young age. Her parents and 3 sisters are not performers and Nataylia is the only member of her family that has moved to London, the rest of her family have moved away and live as far away as Jamaica and the US.

Lewis Codling

Lewis is currently a Jack of all trades and works as a painter and decorator and fitness and promotions model to pay the bills. His modelling and promotional work means he gets to work for high profile clients such as Abercrombie & Fitch, but he’s just as happy to have a paintbrush in his hand. An all rounder on stage - singing, dancing and playing the piano and guitar, this jock is a sports nut. Lewis plays rugby, football and hockey along with gymnastics training 3 times a week; he can even do front and back somersaults. Lewis was in a few choirs at school and also in a few plays but never knew what he wanted to do. He never chased his singing ambitions until he started 6th form college. He was supposed to go to University to study Medical Biology but he realised this is not what he wanted to do.

Laura Broad

Laura’s singing ability is thanks to her great grandmother who was a singer in Poland who, as a girl, sang for the Tsar of Russia. Laura’s grandparents were Polish refugees in the Second World War and Laura wants to make her grandmother proud as was never allowed to sing due to the war and she has a fantastic soprano voice. Laura has built her own home made studio in her bedroom and Youtubes her performances. Her studio comprises of a black background (a bed sheet hanging on a pole) and a mic with acoustics. She films herself via her computer. Laura says this is quite an achievement as she isn’t technically minded at all! She is quite the Youtube hit and so far has notched up over 1.5 million combined views on her videos. From her classical training between the ages of 9-16, Laura taught herself various styles of music by watching and replicating their techniques. She went to University to study drama in Exeter but dropped out after realising music was her real passion, and Laura feels this was the best decision she ever made.

Nikhil Kalidas 

Nikhil grew up in South London with his mum, dad and sister. His father is an accountant and his mother works as a receptionist. He is the only performer in the family. Nikhil says the rest of his family are tone deaf. Nikhil has mixed origins; his father is a Ugandan Indian, who at the age of 15 was forced out of Uganda under a new regime and sent on the first plane out of the country which, by chance, brought him to England. Once settled in London, Nikhil’s father went against Indian tradition by marrying Nikhil’s white British mum. Nikhil has had to embrace the challenges growing up with mixed origins. He suffered bullying as a child because of his half-Indian origins, as well as for being overweight. After leaving Mountview last year, Nikhil is once again battling with his weight and has taken to slimming classes and a rigid gym regime in order to shift the extra pounds. Last year, Nikhil suffered the loss of his Nan which he found particularly tough. She was always a big part of his life as she looked after him very regularly when he was growing up.

The Supergroup 1st Performance:

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