It's been a while since I posted somthing about Glee, my second favourite show (Idol is my first). Since it's premiere one year ago, Glee has been gaining people hearts and it's now as big as Idol. As we all know, Glee has now finished it's first season on Fox, but it's coming back! Very, very soon!!

Read all Glee news and about a new reality after the JUMP ...

Second Season

Oh yeah!! Glee is coming back for a second season with brand new episodes on September 21, 2010! This incredible show has already been renewed for a third season too, both with approx. 22 episodes each. This means, 5 songs per episode and 110 songs per season!! Yes!! We'll have new cast members too on this one, Charice will play a foregin student and will also have more Kristin Chenoweth and a possible Jennifer Lopez and Susan Boyle appearence!!

New Series Regulars

The Glee club features also many minor characters, with  no much participation during the first season. But this is about to change! Heather Morris and Naya Rivera, who play Brittany and Santana respectibly, are being upgraded to series regulars according to many reports! This means more dumbness and funny comments from one of the favourite characters, blonde Brtittany! Although there are  no "official reports", it's alost certain this will happen. And even if it doesn't, we will have a Brittany episode, possibly the Britney themed one, as Ryan Murphy has hinted. Good for her, she's the best! Mike O'Malley who plays Burt Hummel, Kurt's father will also have a major role this season, but it's not been anounced yet what he will do.

Britney Spears on Glee?

There are no reports she will actually take part on the show, but if she is intelligent she will, how many have we seen of her recently? Even without Britney on it, there will be an all Britney themed episode all focused on cheerio's member Brittany!

Emmy Nominations 

In July 2010, Glee received 19 Primetime Emmy Award nominations!!!, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor – Comedy Series (Matthew Morrison), and Outstanding Lead Actress – Comedy Series (Lea Michele). This is really good, it could possibly mean many seasons to come! Watch the Fox video about it below:

A Glee based New Reality?

Yes, you read it right! A new reality show based on the show will possibly air on June 2011 on Oxygen, where singers will compete for a spot on the show. But apart from this possible reality, the british network Five will be airing a new reality properly titled "Don't Stop Believing", set to air this summer! I don't understand it's format exactly, but I know the winner group won't be on Glee, but insted will win something else, which I don't know exactly. Emma Bunton, from the Spice Girls will host the show.  The judges are Duncan James, Anastacia, Tamzin Outhwaite and Charles Klapow. You can check the show's site HERE. The trailer is below this and I must say I love it, I may start watching it! According to the site, it airs on Sundays at 7PM on Five, and I'm guessing it premieres on July 18, this Sunday. The gruops that appear in the page might be the ones in the trailer, but I'm not sure. More news of it when I know more, and I'd possible be covering it!


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