Danish star, Sys Bjerre, who has a record deal with Universal Music, had premiered this music video on YouTube on June 3, 2010. "Alle Mine Veninder" which means "All my Girlfriends" is an incredible example of the danish music scene. This song can't be really classified, as many of the danish songs. It has some indian beats, I almost feel a Bollywood movie vibe, it also has some hip-hop, some pop and some quirckiness. Though I don't understand anything that she is saying, only some english parts, I'm really digging her. I'd love to see some english tunes from her, to see what he can do with it. But I must say, I don't care if she keeps singing in danish. The music video is really fun to watch, it has a lot of extras who do some awesome moves and she is really adorable, isn't she?

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