Folk newcomer, Illinois native, Lissie Maurus who has been signed by Columbia and Fat Possum some time ago, has just released the album of the year. "Catching a Tiger" was released on June 21 and has been climbing the charts since then, getting a decent #22 on the UK Album Charts.

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She is clearly the revelation of 2010. The new face of folk. The next critically acclaimed artist. Lissie released her debut only a month ago and I've already played it almost 15 times, which supports my statement. She has been climbing my charts for the past month and currently is topping the list. With catchy and vocally impressive tunes, Lissie's been impressing every single listener with "Catching a Tiger". When I got the album, I didn't knew who she was, but the gorgeous cover did that part! Now I consider not knowing her a capital sin, sort of. "When I'm Alone" is the most known song of hers. And it obviously is!! It's the best of the album, and maybe even of my iPod. The lyrics are magnific and the bridge is so exciting, when it starts to heat up at the end ... orgasmic! Her voice is so perfect and beautiful! "Cuckoo" is my other favourite. Softer than the previous but as amazing as it. It's more country, more popish. The little snaps when it suddenly turns acoustic towards the end and then her voice raises suddenly is brilliant. It's a powerful song, and that's what describes Lissie. She has a powerful voice thus delivers powerful songs. She could be fit in any style she wants, but I'm glad she's going the folk route. I think it needs a little revamping, which Lissie has provided it and will surely continue to.

When I'm Alone:

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