Sharon Little was one glad surprise to me. I was enjoying a CSI NY episode when suddenly one hell of a singer popped up on my screen towards the end of the show. Her talent blew me away and I rushed quickly to my computer to search who was that godess. After a while, the name Sharon Little appeared, and I immediately bought her debut album, "Perfect Time for a Breakdown". Now there are some good news for we fans!!! A sophomore album will be released in early 2011, with two tracks of it released on fall 2010! The album title is "Paper Doll". Citing her site, the album is Sharon’s "manifesto that she be judged on what she offers through her music, and not by the outfits she wears or who she’s been dating". An excellent concept if you ask me. A live version of "Paper Doll" was made available for free on her site. Her vocals are so good on this one! Her voice feels more mature, deeper. Of course, it's perfectly written also!

Listen "Paper Doll" and download it on her site after the JUMP ...

Download "Paper Doll" HERE.

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