It's finally here! The night everyone is been waiting for, the night the UK's been anxiously waiting to arrive is here. We say goodbye to JH with favourites Jade Richards and Joe Cox leaving us on that stage. Tonight, the top 16 will sing their hearts out hoping to be one of the 12 lucky hopefuls who will be here next week. Oh yeah, there's a huge twist tonight! ... It's time to face the music!

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Before we start the show, Dermot reveals us the shocking twist. Four finalists will leave us by the end of the weekend, in a surprise game changer which will see the judges picking one of their own acts to leave the competition, leaving just 12 acts in the competition. Well, I can tell you this twist sucks. Can we just ditch 2 Overs and 2 Groups? While last year's twist was about giving people another chance, this year they are taking it away. And it's really unfair for the girl who goes, the 4 of them have the potential to make it as far as the Top 5. Hope they scrap this stupid idea by next year ...

Amelia Lily


"Billie Jean" - 7/10 - She's Kelly's little popstar. Amelia has a fabulous voice for a 16 y/o, she's got lots of control and power. My problem with her is that she's very generic. She sounds like any diva with a big voice, for instance, she sounds exactly like Xtina to me. Not a bad thing indeed but not something good when trying to be original. She did justice to that song, it was very entertaining but I fear it may be forgettable after 15 more performances. - VIDEO

Louis: Amelia Lily you are opening up this show, what a great song choice. I loved the arrangement, I loved the styling, you deserve to be on that stage!
Tulisa: Amelia I tell you what, everything tonight from your energy to your vocals to your performance was absolutely amazing, you blew me away. I didn’t see you as a contender until now.
Gary: That was a really great opening to the show, it wasn’t amazing but it was really good. Let’s just think about this for a second, you are sixteen years old and you are opening the X Factor live shows. Amazing courage, well done.
Kelly: I am so proud of you, I know how hard you worked.

Johnny Robinson


"Believe" - 3,5/10 - Oh god. He's singing Cher in the most femenine way possible. Someone remind him he's not performing as Sarah Lee here, you know, his drag self. Well, if he had a wig and a dress I wouldn't even not he was a guy, this is too gay for me, or anyone liking it. And Gary was spot on, Louis is making him a joke.  - VIDEO

Tulisa: Johnny! You love the shock factor and tonight you have shocked everyone. You are definitely 100% my guilty pleasure.
Kelly: You look like you had so much fun. I wanted to get a closer look at you and I wanted you to come close,r but I still had a good time.
Gary: Every time you’ve sang for me I’ve been blown away. Along comes Louis walsh and he has turned you into a circus act. I was so disappointed tonight. What are you wearing? You look like you’re about to go in the oven? I just didn’t get it at all.
Louis: Gary you’re missing the fun. This man is living his dream, he loves the Pet Shop Boys, he loves to be camp and the thing about the X Factor is that it gives someone like Johnny a chance. Gary listen to the public they love him!



"Super Bass" - 8/10 - Girlbands never do well on the show but with this twist, they won't be the first out. I think they've got some serious potential also, they are much better than previous bands like Miss Frank and Belle Amie, they look together, sound great and have an interesting urban edge. I'm not a fan of this song but I still really enjoyed that performance, I want much more from them! And yeah, I know what you think, I don't care. Haha. - VIDEO

Louis: Girls all I can say is you’ve come a long way from bootcamp. Tulisa whatever you saw in these four it absolutely works. Traditionally girlbands don’t do well on X Factor but I think you four are going to change that. It’;s like you were meant to be together, brilliant chemistry, I loved the song because it’s current and it’s real and well done you!
Tulisa: The problem with girlbands is that they are constantly trying to outdo other women, you don’t represent that, you stand up for girls across the UK. You are the girl group to represent ladies in this country. I love you, brilliant performance tonight.
Kelly: I think that you guys did a good job but I know that I’m going to be a little bit hard on you because i see so much potential here. When it comes to harmonies I’d love for those to be a little bit tighter, when it comes to routines and you guys chemistry getting better together, I would love to see that happen. I think you guys have such amazing potential.
Gary: You are already the best girl band that has ever been on the X factor congratulations guys.

Frankie Cocozza


"The A Team"5/10  -  I just hate him. He has no voice and is only here because of his charisma, Joe should have made it over this guy. Now he's ruining my favourite song. His probably the worst guy Gary has but as we all know it, he won't go home tomorrow. And what's up with the look? He looks disgusting. - VIDEO

Louis: Frankie from day one when you walked into that audition we knew you had something and you just proved what you had. You’re a natural performer, some people were born to be on stage…you’ve got a great strut and a great voice. Brilliant song choice…amazing!
Tulisa: I have to agree with Louis I thought it was an amazing song choice, perfect song for you, every time we see you you bring such great energy. You’re a good looking lad, the ladies love you. Only one negative, Gary what’s going on with the guyliner tonight, I don’t think that’s him. He’s handsome enough he doesn’t need the makeup Gary.
Kelly: I am strangely drawn to this boy, you’ve got to lock me up. I loved you Frankie, i think you came here as an artist, you just exude such artistry and star quality. Great performance!
Gary: Frankie it’s been no secret that I have always been worried about your voice. What the hell was I worried about? What a performance tonight! This is a real artist everybody, congratulations, be proud of yourself you did a great job mate.

Sophie Habibis


"Teenage Dream" - 9/10 - I love Sophie, I think she's actually my favourite in the competition. She hasn't been memorable in the competition and I give that to the crappy short edits they've been giving to her. Wow! This performance is stunning. The song choice seems weird at first but it totally works with this toned down arrengment, it's actually quite magical. I doubt Kelly will sent her home after this fantastic performance. - VIDEO

Louis: Sophie what happened that girl from bootcamp? you’ve turned into a star over night1 It’s an amazing transformation, I loved the styling and you’ve got an amazing recording voice. You are going to go far miss.
Tulisa: Can I tell you how absolutely beautiful you look tonight and after all the transformations on the show, yours is definitely the biggest. I love how you made that song your own, what a beautiful version of that song. The vocals were amazing, you really captured the panel and the audience tonight.
Gary: Really, really brilliant, congratulations on an amazing performance. Sophie where have you come from? I don’t remember your first audition, I don’t remember you at bootcamp, you have come from nowhere and Kelly, I am going to fall out with you if this girl isn’t here next week.
Kelly: I like fighting words, those are really nice coming from your mouth Gary. Baby you know I completely believe in you I am so proud of you, you did such a beautiful job tonight and Katy who?

Jonjo Kerr


"You Really Got Me" - 4/10 - This is really bad. Definitely the worst performance this far. He looked incrediblly uncomfortable and the whole performance was off tune. This is bad karaoke and it makes me wonder how he got this far. I think I even hated that more than Johnny's performance. - VIDEO

Tulisa: Jonjo what a transformation, you know I love you to bits, I love what you represent and I love your energy but the disappointment for me tonight was the song choice. i think you could have picked something that showed your voice off a little bit more because you do have a great voice. Overall I love your energy and it pulled together the performance.
Kelly: Jonjo you know I an definitely rooting for you in this competition but I must say I was very disappointed because I expected more energy from you, I expected you to give a little bit more/ Did you have a good time because I felt like you were not coming out of yourself.
Gary: Jonjo was the song choice Louis’ idea?
Jonjo: No we talked about it and the other song was less energetic. I wanted to try and enjoy myself.
Gary: I’m guessing the girls in red shorts weren’t Louis’ idea either. I think you enjoy this experience tonight, because actually seeing you among all the other acts, you stick out like a sore thumb to me. I think tonight you’ve made Louis’ decision really easy.
Tulisa: I wouldn’t go that far Gary.
Louis: The problem is Gary he is so nervous and he’s never nervous backstage. Jonjo you have to start believing in yourself because everyone else has upped their game. You’re a fantastic guy but this is your moment.

2 Shoes


"Something Kinda Ooooh" - 6/10 - No doubt this girls are pure fun and they are huge entertainment ... for a reality show. The song choice is atrocious but I guess it fits them. They seem to be enjoying that coreography a lot. Haha. They sang in unison the whole performance and despite it sounded good, it was a little too pink for me liking.  - VIDEO

Kelly: You know what’s really funny for me? I remember I watched you guys come in and you were giggling and laughing and now I’m like y’all are having fun, can we hang out? I really enjoyed watching you guys I thought it was a good first performance.
Louis: That was fun, that was camp it was kitsch, you’ve got great personalities and girls, you’re singing in tune, it was a brilliant song choice. The last time I saw a car like that it was in an early Take That video.
Gary: I wanna be nice, I just wannabe nice but girls karaoke night in Romford. I’m sorry Tulisa, I get the car, the dancers to try to disguise the fact that we’ve actually got two really mediocre singers but I don’t get this relationship, you with these girls.
Tulisa: You don’t know how to have fun Gary. Shoes, you are all about the fun and the Essex, which is huge at the moment, it#’s so current. You came up and brought the fun but you can sing as well.

James Michael


"Ticket to Ride"  - 7/10 - I love James, he's my favourite in Gary's category but with this new twist, I think he'll be going home no matter what he does. Gary even called him a risk when he picked him for the top 16. His voice is definitely something really unique and beautiful but I don't think he's sounding the best in this song, it's actually a bit pitchy and unfortunately, boring. Bad move Gary. - VIDEO

Tulisa: Jame I was actually nervous about watching you tonight because sometimes you nail the vocals and sometimes you’re a bit rusty but I had nothing to worry about because you actually blew me away tonight. This was a big shock to em, well done.
Kelly: James you look like and artist, you feel like one every time we have an encounter and I see you but I was really disappointed in the vocal tonight because I have heard you sound much better than that. I don’t know if that was the best song.
Louis:When you first auditioned I thought you had potential but that song it just didn’t go anywhere Gary, i don’t know why you picked that song for him. It was boring, it was like a busker in Covent Garden, it just didn’t work for me.
Gary: James you totally reinvented that classic and who would dare take on a Beatles song…..only you! The only act on stage tonight playing a real instrument, so well done.

Misha B


"Rolling in the Deep" - 8,5/10 - Oh, now we are dropping the last name girl? One thing is certain with Misha, she's got an amazing voice and lots of talent. I confess I really hated this performance when I first heard it but after a second listen, I admit it's bloody great. I still hate the rap part which sounded totally out of place in this song but the rest of the performance had a lot of swag and style. I think she's a bit overrated though, but she was great there.  - VIDEO

Tulisa:You are definitely for me the person who stands out the most in this competition when it comes to fashion, song choices, Kelly did a brilliant job with the song choice. You really bring it when you step on that stage, you mean every word and you’re representing for the UK.
Kelly: You know what baby girl, I don’t know what to say, God dawg momma you pout it down! That’s all I got to say, she put it down!
Louis: What a production, you’ve really brought it to the X factor and you brought it your own way. An amazing song, I loved the twist, your styling is incredible, you look like a diva from the states!
Gary: You’ve got to understand, you are incredible! That was so modern, I’m really, really excited for you and Kelly….I hate you! Be incredibly proud of yourself tonight, well done.

Nu Vibe


"Beautiful People" - 4/10 - Horrid song choice, horrid performancem, horrid vocals. There wasn't a single thing promising about that performance, nor a single good thing. I liked their first performance but now, I'm doubting they can be the new 1D. And what's up with the abs? Not necessary at all ...  - VIDEO

Kelly: I am really impressed, I must admit I was worried at the beginning because it’s five different personalities, a lot of testosterone floating through there. But I really enjoyed watching you tonight and I hope you stay focused and keep your eye on the prize because you could be something remarkable. Be the next generation of boyband but remember, you have Gary, you have Boyz II men and they came before you and put it down. You have got to come on that stage and put it down.
Louis: Tulisa you took a chance and it absolutely worked I loved the energy, young girls will love these five guys I love the song choice and Ashford, you’re the main man!
Gary: Guys I thought it was good, I thought the song choice was good in the way that you could actually hide behind that song, I feel like I didn’t really hear any of your singing together. I felt like I was watching five solo artists rather than a band.
Tulisa: People have been waiting for my feisty side to come out on this show and here it is….you must be mental! These boys are the next generation of boyband and they are going to blow people out of the water, Amazing performance guys.

Marcus Collins


"Moves Like Jagger"  - 6/10 - Not my favourite guy at all, I don't like him much actually. He's the diva black singer, cool guy, but vocally, it's not unique. This is sounding really off for me, entertaining still. I'm not a fan of this arrengement either, it sounds weird. I don't think he nailed that at all, overpraised much. - VIDEO

Tulisa: Marcus every time I see you you bring a smile to my face, I spend a lot of time with my cats but you are the one from the opposition that I can actually say I’ve gotten to know the most. You are one of the loveliest people in this competition. You’ve got so much positive energy and you brought that to the stage tonight. That was a hard song to sing and you nailed it.
Kelly: I knew you were going to nail it, that’s not a question, because you have this confidence when you come on and you go for it, it just rocks, man you rock and your smile… look so fine too. I love you, great performance.
Louis: Marcus you’ve got the voice, the personality and you’re always smiling. You’ve got a great work ethic and I think you can go really far in this competition.
Gary: Tulisa that’s the fun I like to have up there. Brilliant performance, full of energy, the smile…I love the smile and you’re just such a pleasure to work with as well. Great guy, congratulations you should be really proud of yourself well done.

Sami Brookes


"Free" - 8/10 - Sami is here to prove Louis he made a huge mistake cutting her the first time. Yeah, she's this year's Mary Byrne, Sami however can actually sing contemporary songs, but Goldie should have never made it over her. Not a fan of this song but she's definitely nailing it. There Louis, in your face. You are a sucky judge if you think Goldie is better than her. I want to thump him too Kelly. Haha. - VIDEO

Tulisa: Sami you are The Voice of this competition. I love what you stand for and represent, strong women around the world and when you get up there I get such a strong female energy from you and it just makes me want to celebrate with all the women, for you.
Kelly: There is an overwhelming abundance of putting it down tonight and you came here and gave us that big vocal and all that sass and I am so proud! I’m so happy you’re here. Louis, I just want to thump you right on your head because I want her too! I’ll fight you for it later.
Louis: What a transformation are you? I am so glad that you’re in the competition. I totally, totally believe in you and you’re going to be here for a long long time because Sami you’re a very ordinary girl with a extraordinary voice and you;re the next big diva from Wales.
Gary: So let me get something straight, the only reason Sami is here is because Goldie dropped out of the competition? So Louis thought Goldie was a better singer than you? Let me say this….if you’re not here next week, I am leaving this chair. If he doesn’t bring you back, I’m off!

The Risk


"She Said" - 6,5/10 - I'm kinda sick of boybands by now, they are old fashioned for me but for some reason, they love them in the UK. Charlie is definitely the best member in this group, the other three are ok but Charlie definitely stands out for me. I hated this song, it sounded pretty boring and very boyband generic. - VIDEO

Tulisa: This is why I made the decision that I made at judges houses. We’ve seen it tonight, we’ve seen the reaction and the performance, it was amazing. What different about you guys, there is no cheese with you, you are all credible musicians. Some of you write, you play, this ia a credible boyband. Well done guys.
Kelly: I am so happy that the four of you are here because what you bring to the table as individuals is really great but as a group I am so excited to watch you, Tulisa you’d better keep them in this competition. I am so excited!
Louis: This is a risk that has so paid off. I love this band,m everybody brings something, Charlie this is your time, you so deserve it. We have JLS, we had One Direction, now we have The Risk.
Gary: Boys, Tulisa, now this is a band right here. I am so pleased that it’s not all centred around Charlie. Everyone found their line and it was really well put together. Tulisa this is proper mentoring going on here and this is what we thought you’d bring to this competition, the edge, the cool the right song choice, boys you’ve got it all well done.

Craig Colton


"Jar of Hearts"  - 9,5/10 - He's done all by himself. Picked the song and arrenged it. "If it fails it's down to me, but if it's a hit, it's down to me" I was a bit unsure about this song for him but wow, he impressed me with this for the first time! He's actually got a great unique tone and he really can connect with a song and he killed that note! He became a frontrunner after that massive performance. And another fave for me. - VIDEO

Tulisa: Tonight you showed people that you’re not just the funnyman. You’re an amazing vocallist. I think you need to remember that as well, don’t hide behind the comedy. Yes you are funny and we love that but your voice is ten times more amazing than the comedy. Props to you for picking the song, the arrangement, you did an amazing job, well done.
Kelly: You came here tonight and you just killed. You had the most emotional performance of all the performances and you connected so well to the song emotionally that I darn near cried and there’s this thing that we do in the states where we throw something at somebody when they’re killing it and I almost threw my pen at you because I was like “sing boy”. It was great!
Louis: You sing from the heart and I love the fact that you’ve lost so much weight and you’re taking the whole thing so seriously. You’re the real deal Craig, you have a great recording voice. there’s something special about you, I don’t know what it is, people are going to love you. And Gary Barlow, he’d better be here next Saturday.
Gary: Craig congratulations on the number one performance of the night for me. I thought it was totally amazing and I just want you to do well, well done.

Kitty Brucknell


"Who Wants to Live Forever" - 8/10 - She's definitely this year's Katie Waissel cause the press are already slaming her and the audience apparently hates her. Well, I don't. I love some Kitty! I need some Kitty! And hate her or love her, you can't deny the fact that she's got a massive voice, she was born to be on a stage and she's a true entertainer. This song is really dramatic and it fits her cause she's the drama queen this year. I think it was a bit shaky at the start but when the stage started flying (yeah, that happened) she started nailing that song. Very captivating as the judges said.  - VIDEO

Tulisa: Kitty, I am going to be 100% honest here, the only problem with you is that you’re a very complicated character, people will either get you or they want. Regardless of whether they do, no one can deny that your performance was absolutely captivating and as always, I want to see you again.
Kelly: Kitty for the first time I think I saw you nervous at the beginning. I could tell like even now you’re shaking and I’ve never seen that side of Kitty. So I don’t know what happened or what has happened but I want you to get back whoever that was we saw at bootcamp because this was still a captivating performance but I would have loved a little bit more of that Kitty I saw a minute ago.
Louis: The thing about you is that when you get on that stage you own it, it’s nobody elses stage. You’re amazing, you’re controversial, you’re spellbinding, you’re dramatic, you’re trouble! But I like that in an artist because it means you really want it.
Gary: Kitty there’s no question about it, you can sing. It’s just a shame there wasn’t more drama in that performance for me. It was very dramatic, very entertaining, I hope you’re ready for this ride, I think it’s going to be tough for you.

Janet Devlin


"Fix You" - 8,5/10 - The problem with Janet is that she's so insecure and shy that it may interfere with her performance. She needs to start believing in herself cause she's got a massive talent and once she does that, she'll be a great performer and guarantee her a place in the final. That said, I loved this performance. Her voice has something really special and I can't help but smile every time I hear it. Yeah, it wasn't perfect but it was still very lovely..  - VIDEO

Tulisa: Janet you are just as mesmerizing now as you were when I first saw you, even more so. Every time I see you I am just speechless, your vocal is amazing, it is such a recording artist vocal. You’ve upped your game, it was amazing tonight, well done you.
Kelly: First of all, away from the competition I’ve watched you come into yourself and I’m so proud of you. I think as a performer you’ve grown, as a young woman you’ve grown and you’re embracing your talent and the gift that you have and the stage even more. Congratulations on a great performance.
Louis: When you did that song at bootcamp I thought you were incredible, I didn’t think you could better that but you absolutely did tonight. I loved the rendition, you’ve got Celtic soul, you’re the voice of an angel and I’ve a memo to give to Kelly, Kelly Rowland I want her here next Saturday, you have to bring her back.
Gary: A totally one off, beautiful and unique performance. Well done you.

  1. Craig Colton
  2. Sophie Habibis
  3. Janet Devlin
  4. Misha B
  5. Rhythmix
  6. Kitty Brucknell
  7. Sami Brookes
  8. James Michael
  9. Amelia Lily 
  10. The Risk
  11. Marcus Collins
  12. 2 Shoes
  13. Frankie Cocozza
  14. Nu Vibe
  15. Jonjo Kerr
  16. Johnny Robinson 
Wow Craig Colton! Hands down man. Sophie was initially my fave tonight but having heard Craig again, I was blown away by his perofrmance. Sophie still did an amazing job and I'm backing her for the win, which may not happen at all, but I'm backing her to get as far as possible. Janet and Misha proved that the girls are strong this year, both being 3rd and 4th in the ranking. And I was truly impressed by Rhythmix, I think this girls have potential to be something great if people vote for them, well, or if the judges save her week in and out of the Bottom 2. The Overs are not strong as usual but Kitty and Sami both proved they can actually sing.

Matt Cardle is back performing his debut single, "Run For Your Life". He looks really nervous and sounds shaky at parts, he's also a bit sweaty, but I just love him. I love the song and he's got a great voice even if that performance wasn't the best it could. Cee Lo Green also took the stage to perform a mash up of "Satisfied" and "Forget You", nice performance, nothing stellar. 

And just like that we get to the result. Louis reveals he'll be sending home army guy Jonjo Kerr  and not atrocious singer Johnny Robinson. Gary is eliminating the wonderful James Michael after screwing him with an awful song choice. Bad move Mr. Barlow. Tulisa's turn and she's sending bubbly 2 Shoes home after deciding that Nu Vibe were somehow better than them. (Not true) Kelly's girls are saved for last as it's the toughest decision. Kelly is already crying. She first proceeds to save Janet and Misha, leaving Sophie and Amelia left. And shockingly, she eliminates rocker Amelia Lily and not obvious fodder Sophie Habibis! I'm glad she made this decision, Sophie deserves it, she's got an amazing talent. Amelia looks really pissed. She storms off the stage, Kelly runs after her. Well, that was some serious drama.
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