Rebecca Cole is 19 year old english singer-songwriter who is currently unsigned and attending Warwick University where she has a band, 'Such Modern Ways'. Her appearance reminds me of Hayley Williams, but she insist her hair looks more like Florence Welch's one. Becca has a YouTube account, loveuloveb, where she covers different songs, and a MySpace account, beccadelamusique, where she uploads original songs. Her influences are Patrick Wolf, Florence + the Machine, Bjork and Paramore. She is an acoustic singer and is often seen playing the guitar in her videos, she can also speak in french. Becca's soulful and deep voice blends perfectly with her guitar playing and makes her singing very relaxing. Her original songs 'Overdue'(video below) and 'We Belong' (in her MySpace site) are great examples of how good she is. I hope that you can see her greatness through this YouTube videos.


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