Diana Vickers (born 30 July, 1991) is a British singer-songwriter and actress, best known for appearing on The X Factor in 2008. Her performances were often unconventional, attracting both praise and criticism. As a result, judge Simon Cowell likened her to Marmite, saying that fans could either love or hate her singing. Diana always performed shoeless because she said she was afraid of falling on stage and there was also a lot of hand movement. She courted further controversy when she was unable to perform during week 5 of the contest due to illness. She reached week 9 of the contest, achieving fourth place. Originally announced that Vickers would be signed up by Sony BMG under the Syco label, this plan was later dropped. Vickers has since been signed to the RCA label. Her debut single is expected to be released in February 2010 with the debut album being released in March 2010. A promotional single was offered for download on her official site, 'Jumping into Rivers'. Vickers made her professional acting debut in the title role of a new West End production of Jim Cartwright's The Rise and Fall of Little Voice on 8 October 2009. Diana plays the shy and lonely Little Voice, who hides an astonishing talent as an impersonator of singers such as Shirley Bassey. She has an amazing and unique voice, I've never heard something similar in my life. It's worth spending some time hearing her.


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