Even as they contemplate working with another singer, Steven Tyler's Aerosmith bandmates say they're worried about their frontman's health and well being. Joey Kramer told: 'Steven, he isolates more and more all the time -- that's what gives it away to me that there's something going on. I don't know what that is. I know he's made some not so great choices and he's got some negative influences around him now. I love the guy. I just want to see him get some help'. The group does seem resolved in its decision to look for another singer to work with. Whitford predicts that while 'no one can fill Steven Tyler's shoes', the selection process will come down to 'people that we know or are friends that we think might consider doing it'. He's also not ruling out a reconciliation with Tyler. 'We would love to see that happen. I hear all the fans and everybody, but no group of guys would like him back more than we would. We would never shut the door -- there might be a sign on that door that has a list of qualifications, but we would never shut the door'.
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