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With already ten albums under her sleeve, Anouk certainly knows what success is. With seven of her albums charting #1 and the majority of them going platinum, she has positioned herself as one of the biggest dutch stars. Her newest album, "To Get Her Together", was released on May 20 and having already gone platinum since then, it won't dissapoint.

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Buy "To Get Her Together" HERE (NL) or HERE (UK)

Anouk is back after a two year musical hiatus, and for her fans sake, she's coming back with one of her best albums to date. "To Get Her Together" is an album full of soul and emotion, all matched up with some amazing lyrics. With her voice at the top of her game, Anouk's soulful deep voice draws comparissons to mega stars Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and even to Adele. It's really hard for an artist with a long carrer like hers to keep improving but Anouk has consistently proved that it's possible delivering great album after great album. Songs like "Ms Crazy" and "Killer Bee" show amazing writing skills being mixed wih vocal greatness and innovative sounds for her. The fact is that Anouk has always been a rock singer but with this album, she's showing her bluesy soulish side, my favourite of hers if you ask me. Don't doubt in buying this, you won't regret it. I hope she continues exploring soul in her next one, because she's great at it.

Ms Crazy

Down and Dirty

Killer Bee

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