UPDATE: MUSIC VIDEO ADDED! So I officialy like this song much more after watching this video!! Sarah does an impressive job and the video/song relation and the message it has is great. Plus I love the way it's filmed. Sarah, I can say I'm officialy a fan! Haha. Can't wait for that album!

Back in March we saw the teen lesbian Sarah being crowned as the 4th winner of the Danish XF. The youngster had impressed everyone, but me, with her throaty hoarse voice and an incredible knowledge of who she was. Her first single then went to top the danish charts and now she's back with her newest single, "Okay", which was released on June 17, and is already at #4. I don't doubt it will go to #1 by the end of the month. Still not a fan of her singing in danish but she's getting better, I like it much more than her debut. Her voice definitely sounds more powerful and I'm starting to like it's sound more but I still found this song a bit boring, it lacks some momentum, it all goes a bit flat for me. Waiting for her album sitll, which comes out on August 8, 2011 and is already available for pre-order. On other news, Sarah is apparently getting married to her girlfriend, Frederikke, after Sarah proposed to her and she accepted. Aren't them a bit to young? I think so, but congrats! I guess.

Listen and buy "Okay", plus pre-order the album after the JUMP ....

Buy "Okay" HERE (DK) and listen to a snippet HERE.
Pre-order the album HERE.

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