With one of the most unique and quirky voices of the MDS Sound of 2011, it wasn't hard for me to love Alex. Now, being recently signed by Island Def Jam, she's back with her new amazing music video for her song "Sister Wife" of the EP of the same name. It's hard to understand the video meaning. Like, why there's a cat spitting blood in her face? Why is there a tornado inside her house? Leaving the really wierd aspect aside, the video is really enjoyable cause you never know what is going to happen! And her voice? Given that she's channeling Kate Bush while fighting against paranormal events, I can say it's lovely.

Watch the music video and buy the album, plus a chill inducing acoustic "Locomotive" after the JUMP ....

Buy "Sister Wife EP" HERE (UK) or HERE (US).
Or you can download it for free HERE.

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