Despite being tipped as one of the most promising stars of 2011 by the BBC Sound of poll, Daley is still yet to release an album, so it's a safe bet to assume his debut will hit stores in early 2012 and he'll be one of the UK biggest new stars. This premature inclusion by the BBC wasn't necessary a mistake given that all signs were indicating that he was set to become a star this year after he was featured on Gorillaz track "Doncamatic", a series of excellent demos and being signed to A&M Records. Well, he'll be this year's star now! Daley has a wonderfully distinctive voice. He's got a huge neo-soul sound but the interesting part is his femenine soft and incrediblly smooth tone which reminds of the voice of an angel even if that sounds like a huge cliche. What do you think? Hit or miss?

Video after the JUMP ...

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