We are just a week away from the fina but one more contestant needs to be dropped. Last week it was Vera Kóvats who found herself in the B2 with Gergö. Tonight the remaining 4 contestants will have the oportunity to chose their own songs plus they'll perform their mentors favourite sone. Who'll be eliminated tonight? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after de JUMP ...

Round 1

Tamás Tarány

Lehetek én is (Vad Fruttik) – 7/10 - This is sounding a little mysterious at the first part, he’s using a different range from the one he's used to do. He finally gets the strenght he usually has at stage when he gets to the chorus. He surprised me with the first part and being surprised is what I like.

Gergő Baricz

Hard to handle (Black Crowes) – 7.5/10 - This is the Hungarian John Travolta! Haha. Maybe Travolta meets Jagger? Cause he kinda moves like him. This kind of songs are perfect for him, because though he doesn't have the voice for a slow song, he has charm, craziness and wildness!

Enikő Muri

Kockahas (Venus) – 6.5/10 - I suppose this song would have sound better if I’d understood the meaning of the lyrics, and it seems the crowd is enjoying it a lot, not only because of the song, but also because of the two dancers, specially when take they shirts off. Anyway, good performance!


Tibor Kocsis

Just the way you are (Bruno Mars) – 6.5/10 - I think this song is great. It has beautiful lyrics and I know that a lot of people would melt like ice if someone told them all those things! Hehe! He’s not starting in the best way, he's got a lot of pronunciation issues, but he’s improving in the chorus. I think this isn't an easy song to sing but he should have done a better job. Oh look, Apollo 23 and Tibor Gyurcsík are supporting Tibor from the crowd!

Round 2

Gergő Baricz

Apám hitte (Zorán) – 6.5/10 - If I were him, I would have chosen a different song, but well it’s supposed to be his fave. It was just ok but his voice, even when being so intimate, has some problems with the slow tunes, he really needs to work on that if he wants to continue in the competition.

Enikő Muri

Because of you (Kelly Clarkson) – 9.5/10 - She's starting acapella and she’s really surprising me with that! She’s doing GREAT. Really emotional and a fantastic voice. Wow! This is what she needed to do to make it to the final!

Tamás Tarány

Cryin’ (Aerosmith) – 7/10 - Miki is very clever! If the singer is as good as Tamás, Aerosmith songs are a great choice! His voice is sounding a little bit strained at some parts, and there were some partst that were too high for him. Still, he’s gave us a good performance ...

Tibor Kocsis

Legyen ünnep (Klári Katona) – 9.5/10 - I see they all sang an English and a Hungarian song. This is the type of songs that Tibor likes. I've to admit that this is a really beautiful song and he’s doing a great interpretation of it. Really emotional performance, both Ildiko and himself were teary eyed!



Tamás Tarany vs. Enikő Muri

Tamás Tarany - " Elfelejtett dal" (Zsuzsa Cserháti)

Enikő Muri - "The voice within" (Christina Aguilera)

Tamás is having some voice problems (mostly at the beginning). He looked really nervous, almost in tears and he needed to stop! Cheer up man! You’re doing great! Enikő’s song is wonderful, but she’s not doing it really well. We all now she’s not Christina with her powerful voice, but we know she can do it better as we have seen before.

Judges' votes for elimination:

Ildiko: Tamás Tarany
Miki: Enikő Muri
Peter: Enikő Muri
Feró: Tamás Tarany
2-2: Deadlock
Eliminated: Tamás Tarany

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