Jenny wowed everyone with her unique folky sound when we first saw her when she showed up to audition for the latest Idol Norge series and she immediately became one of the frontrunners, ultimately making it to the Top 40. Unfortunately, a combination of early spot and dark song choice ended her run on the show, sending her prematurely home. Jenny recently took some times to answer some questions for us, in which she hinted the possibility to return to the show and what's next for her. Well, I'd say go for it!

Interview after the JUMP ...

*Who is Jenny by Jenny? 
Hm, that's quite hard. I would maybe say that I'm a girl with courage. I haven't actually thought about it before, but after the last concert I had, I started thinking how vulnerable it is to stand in front of an audience singing songs that come from my heart. I'm a little proud of myself when I think of that. But Jenny by Jenny is acctually a quite normal girl. I love movies, and hanging with my friends.  I'm also very harsh on myself when it comes to writing music or even when it comes to love. I really am scared of the thought that I will hopelessly fall in love with someone, and make my whole life depend on him, and that it all can be destroyed in a blink of an eye. I think that the fact that I'm so scared for something so naturall can be translated in my lyrics. But as a rescue I always try to find positive sides of everything! 

*How would you define yourself as an artist?
I'm different. My voice has a vibration, and I've acctually tried to get rid of it. I tried to sing a note without this vibration, but it is planted in my voice, which makes my voice a little different from everybody else's. I would define my self as a folk artist. I really like to preform in small settings, where I can look everyone in the eye. Just me and my guitar (Which, by the way, is called Fenrik), where I have the opportunity to tell a story and feel that I can make a difference in someones life. Just as many artists have done for me.

*Would you name any artist as your Idol?
Antony Hegarty, from "Antony and the Johnsons", is maybe the artist that has inspired me the most. With his special voice, and just his way of beeing, he inspires me to write more songs and be true to myself. I am also a huge fan of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Damien Rice. It's so hard to decide who is my absolute Idol, they are all so special in their own way.

*What is the best advice someone has ever given to you?
It's acctually a little hard to find that one advice. Maybe that I have to stay true with my own style. I've always been singing, ever since I was a little girl. But I really wanted to sound like everybody else, I wanted to have a clear and normal voice. So I tried for a long time to make my voice sound normal. It wasn't until I was around 17 years old, when I started to write my own music, I started to realize that I can't change how I am. And when I found out how much people liked it, and said that my voice was so special and different. I understood that this is something I just have to do. And the best advice must be from all the people how said I should stay true to my voice. No matter what!

*What made you audition for Idol in the first place?
When I saw the commercial for Idol on TV for the first time, it didn't even cross my mind to audition. But suddenly I got a message on Facebook from one of the producers, wanting me to audition and telling me how much she loved my music. So I thougt "why not?" and as the weeks passed by I just wanted it more and more. I'm so happy today that I did it, it's been an amazing journey.

*Are you planning on auditioning for Idol again next year?
Maybe. I really had a great time during the show, I met so many amazing people and I got the opportunity to show my music and my voice to people in Norway. It such an opportunity! I think I will consider auditioning again, but I don't know if it will be next year. But I'll never say never.

*What will you do differently if you come back?
I don't feel I did something this season that I wish I did different but in the Semifinal the judges were not happy with my song choice. So I could've chosen a different song. It's a very folky and mystic song. And I wanted to show that I also can sing dark and show a different side of me, but it was not appreciated. So if I was lucky enough to get to the semifinals next time, I would chose a different type song to capture the audience more. I didn't chose a very known song, by a famous artist. I chose from my heart, and I was very happy with it.

*Why did you pick "Majesty"? What does it mean to you?
Madrugada is an amazing band. They created art, and Sivert Hoyem (the vocal in the band) is outstanding. I picked "Majesty" because it would show a new side of me and I love the lyrics. When I first heard the song, I couldn't stop crying because it touched something inside me. So when I started thinking about which song I should pick, it was very easy. And I still love the song, no matter what.

*For me, you were one of the frontrunners and I was expecting you to get to the final, do you think that being in the same semifinal than fellow favourites Maria and Fredrik hurt your chances of making it?
First, thank you for believing in me, it means so much to me. And over to the question, when I saw how I was going to sing with I freaked out. I met Fredrik at the very first audition, and I love just love his voice. And Maria had been a frontrunner too. So it's a hard question, and I really don't know.

*Do you think you would have made it in any of the other semis?

Who knows. But I will admit that I was thinking every friday that "what if I was in this semifinal?". But I think there was some clear frontrunners in every semifinal this year.


*How would you describe the overall experience?
A very good experience. As I've said, I met many amazing people and I got the opportunity to show my music and my voice to people in Norway. I couldn't ask for more!

*What's your fave moment of the season?
It's funny, but I'm waching Idol right now, and just as I read this question I saw Jenny's amazing preformance, where she sings "Creep" by Radiohead. And I think that was my fave moment. There've been many beautiful moments. When Fredrik sung "Don't think Twice", and Maria with Joni Mitchells "Both Sides Now". It's been a good season.

*Now to finish with Idol questions, who do you think will take the title?
Jenny! She was one of the contestants that I talked most with. She is not only an amazing preformer, but truely a beautiful person. If she doesn't win, I know that she'll make it anyway!

*Let's talk about some of your originals now, What can you tell me about your song "Boy in the Desert"?
Yes! "Boy in the Desert" is the first song I ever wrote. And there is something about the first song, I never get tired of it. I preform it at every concert, cause I just love singing it.
It's about a boy, who had a huge influence on my life. It was the normal kind of hopeless love, as I call it. About a boy and a girl. He says to her "I'm just a boy left here in the desert, and you're just a girl and you're left in the sea. and baby remember, you bring out all the worst parts in me". She is madly in love with him, and she wants to stop it. It's that kind of love, the poisioned one, when you can't stop it, it hurts and as in the lyrics, it brings out the worst parts in you.
I wrote it when I was 17 years old, and in the lyrics I mention four specific numbers, witch acctually are four really memerable dates in different months in my life.

*And about "Black Sheep"?
"Black Sheep" is a quite different song. I wrote it over a long period of time, and it's about a lot of people in my life. Or just people I've seen. And it's about people with problems, people who don't want to live, people who really need help. One of the things that really makes me angry is bullying. I just cant understand how people can do it, without understanding the consequences .
In the chourse I sing "Oh, come and dance with me, little black sheep", and I think we all want to help someone in need. Make them shine, and make them dance.

*Which of your songs do you belive that identifies you the most?
Oh, thats a hard question. Maybe "Boy in the Desert", because it's the first one I wrote. 

*How can we expect an album from yours to be like?
A folky/pop genre, with some ballads but also a couple uptempo songs. I love telling a story with my music, in every song there must be a story and to have an whole album telling ones story would be great. I hope to make an album a little different, with melodies and lyrics that makes you think and wonder. And I have alot of songs ready to be heard.

*Will we be getting one anytime soon?
I hope so! I'm working on it. I haven't got a record deal yet, but I stay positive. And I'm writing music as never before, this experience has given me so much inpiration. So hopefully soon!

*Are you planning on touring Norway now?
I'm still working in a kindergarden in Oslo, so not right now. But I'm looking for a band at the moment, and hope to start touring some time soon. Nothing is better than travelling around and preforming at the same time. It's such a great way to spread my music!

*Has Idol opened any doors for you?
Idol has opened alot of doors! I get gigs everywhere. This weekend I'm preforming at a gallery opening, I got a Christmas concert the 17th December and so on! So I'm living the life I wanted. I hope to spread my music to other counties to, and via my youtube-channel I got some fans spread all over the world. And I can thank Idol for that!

*What are your plans from now on?
Keep on playing concerts, writing music and just have fun. I hope that someday soon I will give out an album, because I really believe that my music can help, comfort and inspirate other people in the world. I stay positive with my music and hope for the best!

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