1st Place: Lana Del Rey: It's finally here! After more than 2 months, we have our winner! Probably the most hyped new artist in the world, Lana's debut album "Born To Die" topped the charts in over 10 countries despite some negative reviews. We can definitely say she's the most promising artist of 2012.
2nd Place: FOE: This avant-garde musician which oddly reminds me to Marina and the Diamonds, is our runner up! Her debut album, "Bad Dream Hotline" came out in January 13 via Mercury Records and recived a warm reception from critics. Let's see how she does in the long run ....
3rd Place: Kyla La Grange: I've been following Kyla for quite a while now since her "Walk Through Walls" first showed up. Her vocals just enchanted me and I instantly fell in love with her. As times goes by, it looks like 2012 will finally be her year and hopefully, the year we'll get her debut album!
4th Place: Grimes: Canadian singer Claire Boucher is our fourth placer! The eerie singer will release her album "Visions" in the following months and hopefully, she'll score the success she's been waiting for and after all the hype around her, that's due to happen!
5th Place: Lucy Rose: The sweet Warwickshire native has claimed the fifth place of the competition after hypnotizing the voters with her fantastic tone, cause we all know that's what happened. With an album coming out this year, there's no doubt that this is a well deserved poisition for this raising star!

And it's back! Another year has almost gone by and with that, a new one is coming, and that only means new music stars for us! The MDS Sound of 2011, which was topped by Sweden's iamamiwhoami, proved to be a success so it will be just stupid not to keep doing it. For those who aren't familiar with it, the list features the most promising music acts for the coming year and instead of me being the only pundit, you will be part of the decision by casting your vote on your favourites! This year, it gets bigger and better! In the next days, I'll post my Top 56 acts, that'd be a post for each act featuring its music and my comments on them, and you'll be able to vote for them after all the acts are posted!  There will be 2 votation stages. The first will feature all the 56, divided in 4 polls of 14 acts each. You'll be able to pick 2 acts per poll, so choose wisely. Each poll will be open for a week, then I'll reopen all of them for one more week. Then, in the second stage, the Top 15 acts, that's the 15 acts with the most votes (all the polls considered) will be in a new poll where the winner will be decided! In addition to that, some of last year's acts will be in a different poll, where you'll be able to vote for them in order to give them a second chance of winning the contest given that they didn't release any new material this year, there will be 7 acts in the poll but only 1 of them will make it ... Who will be the  sound of 2012?!!

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After a month of votation, I can finally announce our MDS Sound of 2012 finalists! Initially, I was planning to make it 15 but after the results came in, there was a tie, making it a top 16. Then I added the winner of the Repeaters poll, making it a top 17. But 17 isn't a good number, so to round it up, I selected 3 of the 5 acts which where tied in the following position to make it a top 20! The 4 polls results will be revealed after the contest is over. And now, you'll need to select your top 5! Just follow the instructions and remember, you just until January 29 to do so!

Complete Results:
1st - Lana Del Rey
2nd - FOE
3rd - Kyla LaGrange
4th - Grimes
5th -Lucy Rose
6th - Birdy
7th - Niki and the Dove
8th - Dry the River
9th - Michael Kiwanuka
10th - Alpine
11th - Charlene Soraia
12th - Louise and the Pins
13th - The Good Natured
14th -  NOVI
15th - Florrie
16th - Keaton Henson
17th - Skylar Grey
18th - The Trouble with Templeton
19th - Fantine
20th - Spector

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mdssoundof2012repeaters Click on the pics to check their individual posts.
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