Theme Weeks are getting much more exciting! In the following days, a series of battles will be happening between the selected artists, where you'll be able to vote for your favourite. At the end of the week, only 5 will remain and you'll vote once again to select the ultimate winner. So without more chatter, here is today's duo ...

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Alessandra Amoroso vs Arisa


Both ladies bursted into the music scene in 2009, Alessandra as the winner of Amici di Maria De Filippi 8 (an hybrid between Idol and Big Brother) and Arisa as the San Remo 2009's Nuove Proposte winner. 

Alessandra's debut, "Senza Nuvole" topped the albums charts and was certified 3x Platinum. Since then, the Galatina native has released two more albums, "Il mondo in un secondo" and "Cinque passi in più", both equally successful. There's definitely something about her that really draws my attention and since the first time I heard her, I never stopped being her fan, guess that's got to mean something! 
Fave song: Senza Nuvole

Arisa is currently a judge on the Italian XF but despite her popularity in Italy, her albums have never placed #1 yet, being "Sincerità", her debut, her highest charted album at #5. "Malamorenò" in 2010 and "Amami" in 2012 followed, both reciving moderate success among fans. However, her singles have proved to be really successful, with "La Notte", her latest song, currently topping the charts. And it's definitely worth of it. It's a beautiful ballad, delivered in a really elegant way by Arisa. 
Fave song: La Notte

So who will it be? Arisa or Alessandra? Remember, you just have two days to vote!

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