The XF Denmark liveshows strated last week and unfortunately, that left us with the first eliminated act of the season, Phuong & Rasmus. The duo was one of the most interesting groups ever on the show but unfortunately, the public didn't click with them. Their voices blended perfectly and the result was a  strange but extremely interesting combination. I'd have loved to keep seeing what they had but that isn't happening now. Phuong answered some of my questions regarding the show and her future. Will she keep singing with Rasmus? Does she think it was Blachman's fault they were cut?

Interview after the JUMP ...

*How would you define yourself as an artist?
As an artist, I'm very open to every kind of music. It's when I begin working with the lyrics that I hope my personality shows. Right now, I'm still trying to find the right genre, one that matches my voice and personality. So far I know my voice has a subtle bluesy undertone in the lower register, which I really like and would love to develope further. I love artists like Lana de Rey, Oh Land, Tina Dickow, Alphabeat, Medina and the look and sound of a lot of Korean pop bands, so if I could mix all of them, that would be my style.

*Why X Factor and not The Voice?
Because I hadn't heard about the Voice.


*How would you describe the overall experience? 
The experience has been fantastic! I've had learned so much about the industry and my voice (it's good but sometimes it fails), plus I got to know some very interesting and amazingly talented people (the other contestants).  

 *Tell me something about your audition, what was the judges reaction? Why that song?
The song "Midt om natten" is a popular song among the danish people, it's an old "country" song, so it was quite a risk to sing it my way. I chose it because, I really liked the melody, it was different from all the other songs you'ved heard so far and because it was unexpected.
The judges were surprised by this choice of song. They thought it was very creative, Pernille thought that it sounded like something Medina could have sung. What I was critized for was that they thought it was a bit too much, with the walking, the hand gestures and how I keept singing and filling out the entire song with um's and ah's.

*You got eliminated as a solo artist, what was your inital reaction when brought back?
I was very happy of getting a second chance and the fact that I was now in a group with Rasmus, was both exciting and confusing. 

*Why do you think that Blachman paired you with Rasmus?
We didn't quite understand the combination, (nor did the Danish people, which is why, I think we were cut out on the first liveshow, we already knew there was a big chance we were getting eliminated on the first night). Now I know he paired us together because my voice supported Rasmus's voice very well, it sounds almost as it was one person, plus our look and energy on stage.
I definitely think that it was the right decision for Blachman. I love Rasmus and I'm sure it was because of him I got the second chance, and as Blachman said, we represented something new, different to the show and never seen in the XF before.

*How was it like to perform on the first liveshow?
Being on stage is where I wanna be! It was so exciting and thrilling. We really enjoyed it!! So sad we didn't make it to the next show!!!

*What do you think of the song choice? Did it help or hurt? Was it Blachman's idea?
Blachman picked the song and it was perfect! It's a song from one of my favorite artists and a song that hadn't been overplayed in the radio yet! I don't know if it helped or hurted, but after singing the song it went right up on iTunes as the 4th most downloaded.

*Who do you think will win?
To be honest, I don't know who's going to win this year. I have so much respect and I'm so impressed by all of them. They all have a chance so it all depends on choosing the right songs and the right mentoring.

*Are you planning to continue as a duo?
We hope that after being on XF, it will give us some new possibilities. Wether if it's as a duo or solo, we/I don't know yet.

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