Today's theme is not exactly a theme but a feature, a live orchestra. That's something everybody love, the artists, the judges and the public. So prepare yourself for a magical night. And by the way, singing with an orchestra is not an easy task for an act. It does require a higher level of energy and focus and concentration to sing with the orchestra (I quoted this part from a musician so it's the truth. Haha). Are you excited? I certainly am! ... It's time to face the music!

Recap and videos after the JUMP ...

Alexey Smirnov
(Алексей Смирнов) 


Возьми моё сердце - 9.5/10 - This is a huge rock song with some serious emotions in it, so Igor thinks Alexey shouldn't tackle it. I was sceptical at the beginning too, but in the bridge Alexey sounded so powerful I was literally blown away (also, the guitarist was phenomenal!). Sosedov says  it was intellectual, emotional and sang with very good diction.

Aida Nikolaychuck
(Аида Николайчук) 


Color of the night - 10/10 - I'm not saying I did not hear this song before but I'm very close to saying so because she is singing so beautifully and with true passion I did not expect from her that the song is almost unrecognizable. She sounds perfect with the orchestra (her English being a sad exception). Sosedov was very impressed, he says her natural cold exterior worked perfectly. Irina likes Aida this time, she says there was woman passion and power.

Yakov Golovko
(Яков Павлович Головко) 


Moses (Let my people go) - 9/10 - Song choices today are golden! I like not only the way Yakov sings but the way he acts on stage today, playful and a bit comedic. Sosedov liked the "sand" of Yakov's voice and the orchestra. Seryoga imagined himself at New Orleans while listening.

(Группа «3D»)


Той женщине, которая поет - 9/10 - I don't really know what to say. I felt their pain (Irina did too, you can see her crying face during their performance). There are a lot of woman who can relate to them, and even though they aren't really my cup of tea, I respect them full heartedly. Sosedov thinks it was emotionally perfect (and this is his favourite song).

Julia Plaksina
(Юлия Плаксина)


Unfaithful - 4/10 - Sosedov says experiments can't last forever so we'll see Julia in her usual style, singing Rihanna. I was expecting "We found love" but this song is more suitable for an orchestra. What I really didn't expect from her were her pitch problems. Maybe it's because of the orchestra, but still. She looks good, that's a plus, but that can't fix her notes. Igor is sure there is no songs Yulia can't perform (I thought so too ... before this performance). Seryoga likes her image (he's just being polite, I suppose).

(Группа «D-версия»)


Апрель - 10/10 - Boys wanted to tell us the story of what they've been through and it's safe to say they succeeded. I love how the song sounds with the orchestra, especially during the saxophone intro, how soft their voices are in the beginning and how they become stronger as the song goes on. Nazar's rap added nerve to it. It is in fact the only performance I listened to over and over again ("It's still so long till winter or till spring".. it's quite relevant right now). This song is, in fact, Igor's ringtone. Sosedov liked everything about the boys performance, he says they aren't bunnies anymore but men.

Janna Peregon
(Жанна Перегон)


Я тебя отвоюю - 5/10 - The orchestra really does magic, her dull singing sounds almost pleasant. She is too aggressive with this song, the reason for that is that it is too adult for her. Seryoga liked the orchestra more than the singer since Janna cried the song and not sang. Irina knows very well what Janna was singing about and she did sang it too in some music competition (I suppose she did it better, since it's impossible to do worse).

Dmytry Sysoev
(Дмитрий Сысоев)


Ticket to the moon - 9.5/10 - The orchestra does suit him (and so does the white suit, by the way). His singing is clear and bright. The only critique would be that he kinda did the same trick for the second week in the row, singing an epic English ballad, but he does it right so no complaining.  This is Igor's second ringtone, by the way.

Eugeni Litvinkivitch
(Евгений Литвинкович)


Да, я больше не хочу - 6/10 - This is a feminine song and while Eugeni is quite feminine himself, the song does not suit him. Igor obviously doesn't know what to do with the artist he has in his category. Sosedov makes a B2 prediction for Eugeni (not gonna happen yet). But adds that him, Yakov and Janna are the only ones with "scenic freedom" (Yakov and Eugeni, yes. But not Janna, those grimaces of her aren't acting).

Almost everyone was perfect today, with great song choices and the right amount of emotions (it shows in my ratings). I wish all the live shows featured an orchestra (a girl can dream, I suppose).
Yoli's Ranking:
  1. D-version
  2. Aida Nikolaychuck
  3. Alexey Smirnov
  4. Dmytry Sysoev
  5. Yakov Golovko 
  6. 3D
  7. Eugeni Litvinkivitch
  8. Janna Peregon
  9. Julia Plaksina
MDS's Ranking:
  1. D-version
  2. Aida Nikolaychuck
  3. 3D
  4. Eugeni Litvinkivitch
  5. Dmytry Sysoev
  6. Janna Peregon
  7. Yakov Golovko
  8. Alexey Smirnov 
  9. Julia Plaksina

Group number is amazing, as it usually is. Great mash-up, "Glee" would be jealous of it.

Bottom two:

Janna Peregon

Bottom two today consist of 3D and Janna (Funny fact, Igor still has all his Overs and no Over has even been in B2 yet).

Janna Peregon - I really hope Janna goes, I cannot listen to her anymore. I think she knows she's gone already so she doesn't even try to impress anyone.

3D - Girls, instead, are doing everything to show themselves off, and that's quite right if they want everybody to vote for them in the future.

Irina: Of course I'm voting for my girls to stay.
Sosedov: I've been reading some stuff on the Internet lately and now I know the public doesn't like me very much (I do, Sosedov!) but Janna has much more mentions than even Aida (all of them are negative!). I'd like to see how my colleagues would vote, do they respect me enough?
Igor: I'll kiss you later, Sosedov, if you'd like, of course I respect you. But I want 3D to stay, so be it.
Seryoga: Amongst the two of you the strongest is 3D, so I vote for them to stay. I'll buy sedative pills for you, Sosedov, to show my support.


Janna Peregon

Summing up, the orchestra was magical and the worst act was sent home. Not so bad, huh?
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