With Tandberg & Østenby leaving after ending in the bottom with Morten Benjamin, and the shocking decision of Blachman of sending his own act home, the 5 remaining contestants will be singing Rasums Seebach's songs tonight. But that's not all, one act will be leaving the competition without even singing tonight, scared for your fave?  ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...

In a shocking twist of events, Jean Michel, of Nicoline Simone & Jean Michel, one of the frontrunners of this series, has decided to quit the show due to another opportunity, leaving his group partner without a team member. And due to that, the group is ultimately eliminated, leaving Blachman with no more acts in the competition, in a year in which he was likely to win. He may be regretting eliminating Tandberg & Østenby right now ...

 But the show must go on and the remaining 4 contestants will take on Rasmus Seebach's songbook. There will be no elimination tonight, given that Nicoline Simone & Jean Michel have already been eliminated, so tonights votes will be added to next week's.

Morten Benjamin


"En skygge af dig selv" - 9/10 -OMG! There's movement! Morten is actually walking through the stage, something that has never happened before. The song really fits him too, something that's actually not a surprise given that Pernille has done a great job with her acts so far, also being the only judge to have not lost one of them. Morten's voice is amazing but his problem is he doesn't show variety. All his performances sound almost the same, and that may hurt him coming next week's semi-final. Anyway, he deserves a record deal, that voice could be golden on record.



"Den jeg er" - 10/10 - For a couple of weeks, Line has been my fave, stealing the show every time she takes the stage. As I said below, Ida has been the sole frontrunner for a while, but Line's the potential dark horse of this competition. We didn't get much from her in previous rounds, just short clips, but she managed to make it this far without even placing in the B2. Tonight, I can say Line stole the show once more. Her rendition was both emotional and interesting and to me, she showed the most potential of the 4, still, she reminds me a lot to Tine, who only placed second. She's my fave, for sure, but will Line be able to take the crown home?



"Glad igen" - 9,5/10 - Probably Sveinur's best performance to date. He had a rough start in the competition, he always was a good singer but Cutfather usually picked the wrong songs for him and Sveinur's vocals weren't that great. But that all changed tonight. This is a perfect song for him, Cutfather finally did it right. Sveinur was the reeincarnation of Seebach, which is weird, cause Seebach isn't even dead. This is the style of music he should release after the show. Can we call this his moment? Definitely.



"Nangijala" - 9,5/10 -  This was incrediblly cute. Ida has always been the frontrunner and she's the only safe bet for the final, it's almost a one-horse race here. She totally reworked Rasums's song, it almost seemed to be tailor-fit for her. Ida hasn't improved much in the course of the competition but that's because she has been consistently great on it. Will the public back her to win it all? It looks like it and I wouldn't complain if she did, cause she a really talented singer who'll be a worthy winner. And much more interesting than Sarah.

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