Theme Weeks are getting much more exciting! In the following days, a series of battles will be happening between the selected artists, where you'll be able to vote for your favourite. At the end of the week, only 5 will remain and you'll vote once again to select the ultimate winner. So without more chatter, here is today's duo ...

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Jovanotti vs Pierdavide Carone


Final duel is happing right now and it features two italian gentelmen, one with a long carrer and a newcomer, it's definitely old vs new. This should be a tough one!

Lorenzo Cherubini, most known as Jovanotti, has been in activity since 1988 and with a carrer of over 32 years, he's one of Italy's most established artists. Considered as one of Italian's rap and hip hop inventors, nowadays, Jovanotti has departed from his early style and has developed a funk sound with ska influences. With more than 12 albums, and his latest 7 albums all charting #1, Jovanotti still got a great carrer ahead.
Fave song: Ora

Pierdavide is yet another Amici contestant. He competed back in 2009 in the ninth season of Amici, in which he took the third place. Soon after it, he was signed with Sony Music and released his debut, "Una Canzone Pop", which charted #1. Soon after it, he released "Distrattamente" and in February 15, 2012, he released "Nanì e altri racconti", which included "Nanì", his first San Remo entry which placed him 5th. He's without a doubt, one of the most interesting male contestants to ever come out of Amici, give him some years to season, and he could be as big as Jovanotti.
Fave song: Dammela... La Mano

So who will it be? Jovanotti or Pierdavide? Remember, you just have two days to vote!

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