Theme Weeks are getting much more exciting! In the following days, a series of battles will be happening between the selected artists, where you'll be able to vote for your favourite. At the end of the week, only 5 will remain and you'll vote once again to select the ultimate winner. So without more chatter, here is today's duo ...

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Federica Camba vs Anansi


Today's duel features two newcomers to the italian music scene. Federica Camba, who released her debut in 2010 after a successful carrer as a songwriter and Anansi, who left a cool impression with his San Remo's 2011 entry "Il Sole Dentro".

Federica's carrer as a songwriter started in 2000 with a song she wrote for Laura Pausini and since then, she's written many songs for Amici contestants, including Alessandra Amoroso's "Stupida".  Federica released her debut album in 2010, "Magari oppure no". Federica sounds like an Italian Janis Joplin, only difference is this one isn't so rocky but more folky but yet, her voice manages to captivate the audeince.
Fave song:Uno più uno fa mille

Annansi's breaktrhough album was "Tornasole", released on February 16, 2011 by Warner Records, his first big release after two independent albums. Including one of his most popular songs, "Il Sole Dentro" and "Parla con me", the dreaded reggae singer wows with his incrediblly raspy tone and catchy tunes, keeping reggae fresh and unique, almost making it sound like a totally different genre.
Fave song: Il Sole Dentro

So who will it be? Federica or Anansi? Remember, you just have two days to vote!

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