After last week's shocking episode, in which Nicoline Simone & Jean Michel had to withdrew from the competition when Jean Michel decided to take another opportunity, the remaining 4 contestants will be singing once more in the hopes of making it to next week's final. No act was eliminated last week, so the previous votes will be added to tonight's. Who will face the axe tonight? Folk cutness Ida, unique voiced Morten Benjamin, pop diva Line or rocker Sveinur?  ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...



"Little Lion Man" (Mumford & Sons)  - 6/10 - This performance oddly reminds me to his first one,  "Somebody That I Used to Know". Sveinur's voice doesn't sound very good on it, there are times where I doubt this is the right song for him but there are others were I see why Cutfather picked it for him. Still, the bad moments are more than the good ones, best example, the final note, which was totally wrong.

"Hurricane" (sammen med Clemens) (30 Seconds to Mars featuring Kanye West) - 8/10 - There's no doubt this was the right song for Sveinur, my problem with it is that I hope it wasn't the right one. His first performance was perfect for him, exactly the style I wanted him to take, this one, however, goes back to the rocker I don't like. Vocally great though and Clemens added such a great intensity to the performance that it almost made me forget about Sveinur.



"I'm With You" (Avril Lavigne)  - 7,5/10 - Not crazy about this. I'm Line's biggest fan but this performance wasn't what I was expecting from her, mainly cause the song choice isn't right for her. I mean, Avril fits with Line's age but she should be singing somthing more diva-ish. Emeli Sandé, Medina, Adele, all proved to be perfect for her. Despite I may not like the song choice much, Line showed a strong connection with the lyrics and that made me feel it to.

"Invincible" (sammen med Kesi) (Machine Gun Kelly) - 9/10 - I've gotta say that the duets with Kesi have been the worst of the night, still, Line's was much more enjoyable than Ida's. It reminded me to Emeli Sandé's and Professor Green's "Read All About It" at times, which is great cause I love that song.

Morten Benjamin


"Cecilia" (Thomas Dybdahl) - 5/10 - Both Morten and Pernille had teary eyes when the performance ended but for some reason, I just didn't feel it. It just was a little boring for me, I could barely listen Morten's voice, which was probably the main reason I didn't enjoy this as much as I should, considering how much I like his voice. I saw he was connecting with the lyrics but he couldn't connect with the audience as well.

 "Limit to Your Love" (sammen med Yepha) (James Blake-cover af Feist) - 7/10 - Much better than the previous performance, probably because I'm much more familiar with this song. Still, I felt Morten did a better job with it than with "Cecilia", his voice sounded better, though it was all a little flat, with only Yepha adding some depth to it. I'm starting to fear Morten may be in real danger tonight, considering he's the only one who has been in the B2 before ...



"Dream" (Priscilla Ahn) - 10/10 - We finally can say that this was Ida's first moment during the liveshows. Her previous performances didn't live up to the expectations put on her, after all, she was consistently the best during the previous rounds. Her audition was the best of the season and this performance totally reminded me of that moment. This is definitely what she should be doing after the show is over and also, in next week's final. Best Ida performance to date. 

"You Got the Love" (sammen med Kesi) (Florence and the Machine) - 8/10 - I won't say this was great, cause it wasn't, but that was damn good! What I like about Ida is that she's versatile, she can take on slow songs, upbeat songs, emotional, fun, and sound fantastic on them. Kesi rapped too much for my liking, I would've rather have Ida singing more.


Eliminated Contestant:

Morten Benjamin

Another unsurprising result. Morten was the only contestant to place in the B2 before, so it was no shock to see him leaving, despite two good performances and his incrediblly unique voice. I hope he can get signed after this and release an album, which I'll be surely be listening. Next week, one act will be crowned the winner! Who are you backing?
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