Now that the Top 13 has been selected, Charlie has made a ranking of them all with the positions he's expecting them to get once the finals start. Of course, this is likely to change as the weeks go by.

Ranking after the JUMP ...

#13: Jeremy Rosado
Previous ranking: None
Nice guy Jeremy has provided us two performances that qualify as moments for him on Idol, what needs to be proven is that he can wow us without singing “I Know You Won’t” by Carrie Underwood again. His voice isn’t special, his falsetto is weak, but he’s here because of his ability to hold a glory note for a long time. I sense he’ll have trouble doing up-tempo songs. Becoming a borewhore balladeer isn’t a good idea either. I still like him and think he’s a potential darkhorse but he needs to prove it fast.

#12: Shannon Magrane
Previous ranking: None

What can I say? Her voice is nothing special, she lacks artistry and a genre that she could be marketable to. Shannon isn't on the same level as the rest of the girls and time is ticking. Some fans of hers are holding out hope that she could be the Haley Reinhart of the season but I don't think they could be more different at this point. At least Haley had a musical style. This girl just isn't ready for the spotlight.

#11: Jermaine Jones
Previous ranking: None
His voice is different but let’s be honest, how versatile can you be with that deep of a voice? I couldn’t listen to a whole CD of that like Jimmy Iovine could and I don’t think many would want to. Anyway, he’s riding off a surge of votes because of his “comeback kid” status. Once those dries up, which should be pretty soon, he’s totally gone. 3 weeks tops.

#10: DeAndre Brackensick
Previous ranking: None
He’s marketable and has potential but I question how much mainstream Idol viewers will dial in for him. Like everyone has been saying, the kid needs a coach before he starts coming off as a one-trick pony. I love his falsetto when he is on key but I have an equal amount of interest in hearing his full voice. I think adapting to the weekly themes is going to be a big issue for him. Is he Season 11’s Naima Adedapo or Stefano Langone?

#9: Erika Van Pelt
Previous ranking: None
I love Erika’s voice and think she is severely underrated. She’s mainly at a disadvantage because she has Wildcard status and Elise is overshadowing her (not that I mind that at all). She’s also running the risk of being boring. She needs to let loose and really show her vocal ability. I don’t think Erika and DeAndre can both make it to the Top 10, wishful thinking has me put her over DeAndre and I hope she proves me right. Sadly, I don’t think Erika can go much farther if she does make the tour. There are too many talented people this season.

#8: Heejun Han
Previous ranking: None
Probably one of the next VFTW picks, Heejun really needs to step it up in the coming weeks and prove that I can like him as a singer as much as I like him as a person. If not, I will start to get annoyed when his shtick gets more votes than people that are seriously trying to start their music careers. Only time will tell what path our Korean crooner will travel on but he’s not going home this week.

#7: Skylar Laine
Previous ranking: None
I didn’t like Lauren last year but there is something about Skylar I just love. She is much more confident, mature and likable. Her raw Country style is very appealing. Being a non-blonde Country singer is also a plus. I’m not sure where she’ll place but I’m guessing anywhere from 5th to 1st place. Keep an eye on this one.

#6: Colton Dixon
Previous ranking: None
Colton has one thing the other guys can’t touch. He’s the closest thing to a “rocker” this season and those types make it decently far, most of the time. Again, I’m curious to see how versatile he will be going forward and how he will do without a piano. In the performances of his we have seen, I think his voice has gotten better since last season. I see a white piano player from Tennessee who appeals to the rocker crowd, and that screams “staying around for a few” to me.

#5: Hollie Cavanagh
Previous ranking: None
She’s cute and has an amazing voice and certainly wowed a lot of people last Wednesday. A lot of people I’ve talked to said that they think she sounds like Celine Dion. She is a top contender right now but she needs to work on her nerves and move around on stage more. Her powerful voice is deserving of self-confidence. If she can’t do that, she could face the fate of another contestant last year that was compared to Celine Dion. I sense the possibility of a shock elimination in the coming weeks.

#4: Elise TestonePrevious ranking: None
At 28, she’s probably the most talented and experienced singer here, it definitely shows when she sings. Once the viewers at home get to see more of Elise, I think it could be a game-changer. People noticed her on Wednesday but she is still underrated, but so were most of the people that went on to win Idol. Maybe I’m a little biased but I really do believe Elise will go further in the contest than most people think and might even take the whole thing when the dust settles. Watch this one, and while you’re at it, please vote for her too!

#3: Joshua LedetPrevious ranking: None
My Lusky without the Stank. Joshua is also a top contender at this stage after his powerful Gospel rendition of a Jennifer Hudson song. Jermaine stole some of his thunder on Wednesday but he still managed to get voted into the Top 13. There are so many powerful singers this season, it’s hard to tell how far he’ll go. I think a key factor will be how much vocal control he can display vs. how much over-singing he will do. I still think he could win if he plays his cards right.

#2: Phillip Phillips
Previous ranking: None
He surprised me with his final performance in Vegas, doing an acoustic rendition of “Nice and Slow” by Usher. If he keeps doing what he did there, he could come out on top. What remains to be seen is how versatile he can be in the upcoming theme weeks and how he’ll do without his guitar. I do see where he it is possible he never lives up to the original hype and peters out like Andrew Garcia or Paul McDonald did. But for now, he is a frontrunner and the guy to beat.

#1: Jessica Sanchez
Previous ranking: None

She has a very powerful voice with many different sides to it. She can sing big notes and work the crowd, she can also sing softly and entrance us. She’s also probably the most marketable out of the 13. Without a doubt, Jessica is THE one to beat at this stage of the competition. The problem is frontrunners at this stage of the game usually do not go on to win. But rules are meant to be broken and I think Jessica’s case could be unique. Will this be our first female winner since Jordin Sparks?
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