Last week, Lisa Miskovsky and Danny Saucedo made it to the final during the final semifinal. Tonight, the 3rd and 4th placers from all the semis will compete for a chance to make it to the big final next week.Who will be our last 2 finalists?

Recap after the JUMP ...

First round: Dynazty vs Top Cats.

Dynazty: They did a really good job with their performance, no out of tune singing at all. The crowd seemed to really like it too!
Top Cats: They were ok, nothing special, but the group seemed to enjoy their time on stage!

Winner: Top Cats

Second round: Andreas Johnson vs Timotej

Andreas Johnson: I'm not a fan of Andreas but he still did a good job. He sang good and enjoyed his time on stage.
Timotej: These girls are so beautiful! They can sing and move on stage and their song is great!

Winner: Timotej

Third round: Thorsten Flinck vs Lotta Enberg, Christer Sjögren

Thorsten Flinck: This has no chance at all. The artist sucks and the song sucks too. Big NO for Thorsten.
Lotta Enberg & Christer Sjögren: They can sing and they are really cute together. I think they will win this round..

Winner: Thorsten Flinck

Fourth round: Sean Banan vs Youngblood

Sean Banan: Sean is a big favorite in this semi final, the kids love him and maybe the adults do too! The performance is funny and the song is good. He'll definitely win this round!
YoungBlood: The teen girls probaly like this, and they may have a shot at winning this round. I don't like their song or their performance. They can't sing or dance either.

Winner: Sean Banan

So after the duels, Top Cats and Timotej, and Thorsten Flinck and Seasn Banan faced each other for a final battle, with Thorsten Flinck and Top Cats sailing through to the final. Next week, the final will be held at the Globen, Stockholm. In the final:

  1. Dead by April
  2. Loreen
  3. Ulrik Munther
  4. David Lindgren
  5. Björn Ranelid and Sara Li
  6. Molly Sanden
  7. Lisa Miskovsky
  8. Danny Saucedo
  9. Thorsten Flinck
  10. Top Cats
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