Theme Weeks are getting much more exciting! In the following days, a series of battles will be happening between the selected artists, where you'll be able to vote for your favourite. At the end of the week, only 5 will remain and you'll vote once again to select the ultimate winner. So without more chatter, here is today's duo ...

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Irene Fornaciari vs Noemi


This duel puts an XF winner vs a San Remo contestant. Noemi won the second edition of the Italian X Factor back in 2009 and Irene rose to fame with her entry in San Remo's 2009 contest.

Since 2009, Irene has compited in San Remo three times, in 2009, 2010 and 2012. Her 2009 entry, "Spiove il sole" didn't make it to the final but that only made Irene want it more. None of her subsequent entries, "Il mondo piange" and "Grande misteromistero" achieved to win the contest either but here's hoping that makes this jazz singer want to try again. With three albums released to date, "Vertigini in fiore", "Vintage Baby" and "Grande mistero", this young lady's carrer is just starting.
Fave song:Uno più uno fa mille

Noemi's carrer started in 2009, after winning the XF with the immediate release of "Briciole", which charted #2. Her debut "Sulla mia pelle" soon followed and with it a big chart success, claiming the #3 position. 2010 marked her first participation at San Remo, with the song "Per tutta la vita", which also claimed the top position at the charts. Her second album "RossoNoemi" wasn't as big of a hit as her debut but it still managed to get a #6 place, mainly because it includes the fantastic "Sono solo parole", Noemi's San Remo 2012 entry, a beautiful ballad which managed to get the 3rd place. She's definitely one of the  biggest artists in Italy right now and I bet she'll still be one in the coming years.
Fave song: Sono Solo Parole

So who will it be? Irene or Noemi? Remember, you just have two days to vote!

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