XF Netherlands 2011 winner, and very possible the final one (that is if XF doesn't come back in spring 2013 as it's stated to), is finally unveiling her debut album, out today, March 30. I've always said that Rochelle sounded like Jessie J during her XF run but in her debut record, "You vs Me", the girl totally unleashes the innner Jessie she always had, specially on first album single, "What a Life", which sounds like something the own "Price Tag" hitmaker would perform. The album's title track isn't exactly showing all the swagger Rochelle has, instead, it shows the Jordin Sparks wannabe she first showed in her debut single, "No Air", an ok effort, just not good enough. Thankfully, the album tracks are more Jessie than Jordin, a relief if you ask me, cause honestly, the whole album sounds quite fantastic, so go get your copy now!

Listen after the JUMP ...

Buy "You vs Me" HERE (NL)

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