This triple threat Swedish act, compraised of DJs, producers and singers Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick, is one of dance raising acts, with their music heavily featured on Stockholm's club scene and beyond. "Luminary Ones", their first single, became one of the most played songs on SR P3, one of Sweden's most popular radios, and since then, the girls have toured with Robyn and played for the Swedish king. Their second single, "Bullets" charted at #6 and it was soon followed by their debut album, "I Love You Man" on November 16. The Universal act's best tune is definitely their first and for me, they haven't matched it yet. There's something about that song that really draws me, maybe it's their icy voices or maybe it's because the song is perfectly written, but to date, that's their best material. However, although they haven't got there yet, they did get it once, so I wouldn't be surprised if their next single is as great as their first.

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