After three weeks, the auditions have come to an end, and now it's time for the remaining cntestants to face the bootcamp stage, where the contestants will be whittled down to just 8 contestants per category which will advance to the Judges Houses. Who'll be tonight's standout? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...

Mulila - She still doesn't impress me much, I wish she could show more feeling and power. She forgets the lyrics, or that's what I thought it happened, then goes crazy. She still comes through as an incrediblly nice person. Still, this is a case were the personality is bigger than the voice.

SM - This is the female duo from the last audition episode. They sounded great there but they don't sound as impressive tonight, still, there are better than some of the groups I've seen here. 

Sidsel - Even better than the first time we saw her. Her tone is wonderful, I wish we could see more from her, probably one of the best Overs this season.

Jean Michelle - Oh, look who's back! He auditioned for the show last season but was cut during the JH stages. I really liked him back then, he's not sounding as good this time. The song didn't help and he sounded a bit shaky.

Jonas - I still can't find this kid interesting. He sounds a bit boring and weak, I don't expect him to make it to the liveshows. There are better contestants.

Sabrina - She auditioned for the show cause her mother wanted her to. She doesn't have a strong voice and it sounds even weaker this time than during her first audition. She's definitely not strong enough for this competition. She needs a lot of work.

Mathias - His first audition wasn't convincing for me though I kinda liked his folky tone. Now, he sounds awful and on top on that, he's taking on "What are Words" from Chris Medina, another awful song. I think the problem is he performed without his guitar, so he felt unprotected and crumbled. He can do much better though.

Birger - He still sounds awful to me, I don't know what they see in him. I wouldn't have put him through in the first place, he's not a great singer and not interesting enough to me. But they seem to love it for some odd reason.

Double Trouble - The guy keeps sounding awful to me and this time, she's also sounding bad, well that until she sings "Son of A Preacherman", one of the almost 10 songs they sing. Why are they singing so many times? Cause none of the songs is a good pick. They need to work on their song choices cause they are horrible.

Ida - Finally a good performance! She sings "Black and Gold", a song Ellie Goulding made me love, and totally wows the judges, probably the only stand-out tonight. Blachman loves her cause he's giving her the same face he had while Patricia was performing. My fave, they'd be stupid not to put her in the liveshows. 


From left to right: (Front) 1NEZZ, SimBel, Blachman, Johnnie  and Julie (from last season, don't know their group name) (Back) Double Trouble, Christian og Tharek. Apart from this groups, 3? more groups will be formed from eliminated contestants, like in previous years.

From left to right: (Front) Birger, Cutfather, Jason, Mulila. (Back) Sidsel, Ronni, Katrine, Rene, Sveinur.

From left to right: (Front) Ida, Line, Pernille, Rosa. (Back) Kristel, Laura, Morten, Mathias, Jonas.

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