I really can't describe how much I love this band and their music. English band The Good Natured, consisting of lead vocalist Sarah McIntosh, drummer George Hinton and Hamish, her brother the bassist. Their music is described as a Dark Electropop and songs like "Skeleton", "Your Body Is a Machine" and "Wolves" prove the musical theme to be captivating and addictive while their lyrics are witty and catchy. They released their music independently until 2011, when the band was signed by Regal / Parlophone Records and released their third EP "Skeleton" in June 2011. With their ability to stay loyal to the original sound and still put out catchy singles, The Good Natured will definitely win more fans and well-deserved recognition as they go forward in this new year with massive potential. But honestly, with music this good, how can they go wrong?

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Buy "Skeleton" HERE (UK) or HERE (US)

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