Another season is starting and along with it, I'm coming back to recap it! Unfortunately, bong has decided not to come back this year, so we need a new translator! Pernille Rosendahl, Thomas Blachman and Cutfather are all back and also is Lise Rønne. Sarah is our latest winner and has enjoyed lots of success since her win. Who'll be our next champion? ... It's time to face the music!

Recap after the JUMP ...

I'm only featuring the contestants that made it through, not all of them. By the way, please correct me if I've any name wrong, which I know I will, cause for some reason they don't put the names of the contestants on the screen.

Week 1

Kristel (Under 25) - They introduce her with "Sexy and I Know It". Thomas has his sex face on when she enters the stage. Haha. She's singing "At Last" and while it's not an excellent rendition, the girl's got some qualities. Plus the guys seem to love her, so this is a definite yes.

Zabrina (Under 25) - Taking on Rihanna is not a very clever idea. The girl is all over the place with this one hitting some terrible notes. Blachman can't help putting a nice face. Zabrina's got some nice moments tough, and I guess that's the reason that she was put through, cause there were some serious bad moments.

Mathias (Under 25) - His voice is a little annoying at first but he's still much better than past teens we've seen, and yes, I'm thinking of Babou and Sarah, both mediocre at best, tough I kinda warmed to them at the end. Mathias at least has this folky acoustic sound which I found really appealing so I could see him really growing on me.

Double Trouble (Groups) - Girl-guy duo. He sounds awful, she sounds great. This is one of the cases that need an on-stage-split. Unfortunately, the judges don't do that and decide to put them through as a duo. Very bad decision, don't expect them to get far.

Quick montage next. Katrina, who sings "Walking in Memphis" and sounds fantastic, tough she looks a little lost on stage, bet it's nerves. A girl who's name I didn't hear but who had a fantastic soulish voice also makes it through. Pernille says her she could see her in the liveshows. And Rasmus, who's got a really femenine sound and is something quite weird, cause it's not what I was expecting to come from him, interesting still. 

Ida (Under 25) - Just amazing! She's singing "Lost" by Anouk and it's just great they saved the best for last. This girl is a rough diamond! Great voice and great presence, plus she also looks really cute with her braces. I think Denmark has found their own Jenny (Idol Norge winner). Love her folky sound, I see myself rooting for her and I also think I've found my fave already! The judges are all emotional and I'm myself a little too, that was gorgeous! UPDATE: "Lost" is #1 on the danish charts!

Week 2

Patrick (Under 25) - The guy likes jumping, a lot. I bet he loves parkour. Ha. Then he started singing. I was expecting a lot more edge but the "edgy" guy decided to take on "I Belive I Can Fly", much to the surprise of Blachman. His voice clearly reminded me a lot to Justin Timberlake, who we all know isn't a great singer and is notable for his thin voice. The judges put him through, I definitely wasn't expecting that, he was average at best but at least his voice was somehow interesting.

Line (Under 25) - She looks like Tine Midtgaard Madsen, from season 3, I wonder what happened to her. Her voice isn't the strongest and she's sounding quite off on several notes but I think it's the song's fault. "You and I" isn't a good decision. But she's got some moments, I'd like to see more, I liked her jazzy tone.

We get our montage of girls! Silvia, whose voice is really thin and sounds a little off but pulls the song great. Sasja, who's much better than Line but still is only showed 5 seconds. Really impressed with this one! Want to see much more from her! A girl with a case of awful hair, her voice is really deep, I'm not sure I like it. And Laura, who sings "Use Somebody" and sounds beautiful, if only the judges didn't speak over her.

Mulila (Over 25) - Most of the Overs bore me to death, of course, that's with the exception of Patricia and Annelouise. Mulila sounds kinda interesting, very jazzy feeling but not a jazzy sound. Her voice lacks power, still the judges put her through. I wasn't impressed, though she looked real nice!

Sveinur (Over 25) - He's got the looks but does he have the voice too? There's definitely something there. He's got a good rocky sound, which reminds me to Thomas though a lot more sharp. I'm not sure his voice was at it's best tonight but he's got tons of potential. Looking forward to him, he's definitely a possible finalist.

Gokke (Over 25) - The man likes speaking, a lot. He talks, talks, talks. Poor Lise. Haha. He's wearing some kind of uniform, not sure that's the appropiate outfit for a show like this. They've been dragging this audition all the show and he keeps talking when he enters the stage. I don't care how old he is, he's annoying. Haha. Very old fashioned sound, not my style. He's kinda sweet though, the judges put him through but don't expect to see him in the liveshows.

Peter (Over 25) - He's wheelchair-bound, no idea what happened to him. He's singing "Apologize" and playing the guitar. Not the best voice but good enough. It's got a slightly country tone, I don't like his falsetto much but the rest is quite nice.

Week 3

 Romance (Groups) - This duo looks like a total joke audition, surprisingly, they aren't one. I don't really like their voices, they sound just ok and have some awful moments. They are charming though. The judges put them through, shockingly.

Morten Benjamin Hansen (Under 25) - He's singing "Room With a View" and his voice is definitely not what I was expecting. He's got an incrediblly unique tone, really interesting and captivating, reminds me of Hans Bollandsås (XF Norway winner), but I like Morten much more. Definitely one of my faves so far. This is one to watch!

Sidsel (Over 25) - Another interesting voice, I kinda love her tone. She doesn't stand out but her voice certainly does, she looks really humble, which adds some points to her, plus she's really likeable. I liked her!

Jonas (Under 25) - He sings "The A Team", not the best voice, nor the most interesting one but he's got a pleasant tone, which could earn him some fans. With a little development, he could be good.

Phuong - She sang a danish song and it was quite impressive. Nice audition, I'd like to see more from her, she's also really cute. So, whoever knows her name, tell me ...

Biver Karl Hans Kaspersen (Over 25) - The judges seem to be enjoying this, I don't like it at all. He sounds old and that's because he's old. It's like one of those folky americana songs, where the singers voice is very limited due to his age. There were some nice qualities but I don't see how he could do well in this competition.

SimBel (Groups) - Simone and Isabella - Probably the first good group that has been featured on the show this season. Both girls have decent voices and a quite dark vibe, though the first song doesn't fit them much. Blachman asks for another song, and Simone brings her guitar and they sound much better than the first time. With a little coaching, this girls could be really good, they've got potential.

A montage of groups next. SM, a female duo, do a really great job with "Set Fire to the Rain", specially the blonde one, who nails the vocal part. Christian og Tarik who take on "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word", the white guy has a fantastic tone, I want him to go solo. 1NEZZ, three grils who take on "Do It Like a Dude" and show a lot of sass, would have picked a diff song though.

Ulla (Over 25) - Not the most contemporary voice but her take on "Summertime" sounded really nice. She's an old fashioned performer but the judges all seem to like her, so she's sent through to bootcamp, and with that, the auditions come to an end!

 Who was your fave contestant? Anyone you think should make it to the liveshows?

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