UPDATE: Watch the music video!

"My new song is a very clear example of the part of me that will surprise my fans. I'm also really silly and I have a really dirty mind", the singer confesses. The song is definitely a major departure from darker tracks like "Coming Home", favouring a more poptastic sound. The stand out isn't the song itself though, but the raunchy lyric video, which is plagued with hilarious sexual references from beginning to end. This is what Skylar had to say about the song's meaning: I'm poking fun at the overly sexualized aspects of today's culture and music and everything". Yeah, right. Regarding her debut album, it's no longer called "Invinsible", nor is coming out this year. Now it's title is "Don't Look Down" and will be hitting the stores, presumably, on spring 2013, with Eminem as the executive producer. So Skylar fans, you'll just have to wait a little longer.

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