Remember Line? Of course you do! She was Ida's runner up on XF Denmark last season and soon after the show came to an end, her winner's single, the wonderful "Efter Dig", was released via Sony Denmark, doing impressively well on the singles charts. Now, over a year after her XF run, her highly anticipated post-XF single is seeing the light of day. "Os To", which was produced by The Providers, the same team behind most of Medina's material, was released on  November 19, and it seems Line is staying put in the dance genre, which I'm extremely glad because this girl is Medina 2.0, something I've been saying since her time on the XF. This song is golden, even better than her winner's single indeed and her voice works fantastically with this. Give her some time and she'll be something big. ... Is this the type of song you were expecting? Do you think Line can be as big as Medina?

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