To my shock, AKA Jam, one of my favourite acts on this show, left the competition after they ended in the bottom along Daddy's Home. I was truly expecting the judges to save the girls, or at least the public, but it wasn't meant to be. I hope the girls continue making music together, though it's unlikely. With that out of my system, the remaining nine contestants took on their idols last weekend and one more contestant left the competition and to my surprise, I was very pleased with the result.

Highlights after the JUMP ...

Joan Da


"(At Your Best) You Are Love" - Overs - As shocking as this could sound, this was the best performance of the night, yes, even better than KZ's. It's almost as if she's read my comments on her previous performance cause she did exactly what I suggested she should do, well, minus the guitar. Her gorgeous distinctive tone was front and center and her hand movements kept reminding me to Elise Testone. It was a little loungy but it did gave her the chance to showcase her jazzy tone and that could become a big advantage in the coming weeks.

Jeric Medina


"Can't Help Falling in Love" - Boys - Despite the fact that I really like Jeric's voice, he's never really gotten there yet. There's always something missing in his performances or pitch issues or not enough connection. He's incredibly inconsistent and that's a major concern at this point in the competition. Although I think he's delivered his best performance tonight, I'm still not feeling him. His bluesy voice is superb though, he's like a Pinoy version of David Cook, only worse. If he can overcome the constant issues he has, he could develop into something great.

Allen Sta. Maria


"Waterfalls" - Girls - This is another miss for Allen. I've no idea what Charice is doing with her, maybe she's trying to get rid of Allen in order to focus solely on KZ. Whatever evil Charice is plotting remains a question, what's not one is how awful this song was for Allen. Remember when she sang Evanescence? Well, that days are in the past cause now Charice is making her into a Pinoy Nicki Minaj. Well, kinda. The beginning was good but then she didn't only had to dance, but she also had to rap, which only made things worse. If the song had been more uptempo, she could've pull it off but it was so slow that it felt very bland. At least there was a little swag there, right? - VIDEO

Daddy's Home


"All at Once" - Groups -  I admit I kinda loved their last performance. "All at Once" was another believable and  passionate performance from Daddy's Home, who are actually becoming the dark horse of this competition to my eyes. It was all a little too one-tone to me but the guy with the glasses (I don't know his name) adds such a raspy touch to each of their performances that I can't help liking them. Seriously, that guy is an amazing singer, had he gone solo, he'd have taken Modesto's spot, cause honestly, he's a much better performer.

KZ Tandingan


"Rehab" - Girls - Another great performance for KZ. Not as strong as "In the End" but it still was a solid effort. Her look was a bit too much but at least it gave her the chance to show her playful side. The breakdown towards the middle was a perfect addition to the song and it showed a beautiful grit to her voice. And I won't get started about the ending cause I feel I could rave for ages about it. Will this girl ever have an off night? She's been hit after hit since the start. After all, that what it takes to become a star.


Modesto Taran


Overs - Honestly, I never really liked him. I found him utter boring, even the smallest sound he made made me cringe. Modesto definitely has a lot of fans with a sleep disorder, cause that's the only way he could've make it this far. Interesting fact, his own coach voted to eliminate him cause he felt he needed to be with his family, I wonder what really happened.

Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added?
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