Here's an unexpected news that  has gone unnoticed until now. Charlotte ten Brink was one of the early favourites during The Voice of Holland's first season, wowing with her Ilse De Lange's unique "Miracle" cover during her audition. Despite the inital hype, Charlotte failed to make a lasting impression with the public and was eliminated during the Top 20 round. An year later, she's back for her second shot at fame. So far, she's released two singles, her debut, "Fool", on January 11, 2012 and "I Feel Free" on May 11. Although I'm missing some of the original tone she sported during the competition, I can't say I'm not digging this incredibly bluesy new sound. Think Joss Stone meets Eliza Doolittle, guess that's a quite accurate description of her sound. So what do you think? Are you digging the new Charlotte or would you rather have the old one back?

VIdeo after the JUMP ...

Buy "Fool" HERE

Buy "I Feel Free" HERE


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