A week has passed and with it, another XF Philippines liveshow. Jerrianne Templo was eliminated last week, when finding herself in the B2 with highlight Joan Da. There're no major changes this week, just one contestant managed to shine a little more and thus earned a place in the list. The theme was songs with the word "life" or "buhay" in the title, an extremely lazy and boring theme. Who was your fave tonight?

Highlights after the JUMP ...

A.K.A. Jam


"This Is My Life" - Groups - From left to right: Jhelsea Flores, Auriette Divina, Katrina Velarde, Ashley Campbell, Monique Lualhati and Alyssa Quijano - The best of the night, the girls definitely stay ahead of the pack this week with their flawless harmonies and pitch perfect notes, something many contestants can't achive. Also worth noting, there's not an actual lead in this group, though Ashley seems to take it at times, all the girls shine on their own. I wish they do a more contemporary number next week but as long as they sound as amazing as they did tonight, I won't complain.

KZ Tandingan


"For Once in My Life" - Girls - KZ keeps fascinating me. She's got an exquisite phrasing and I love her tone more and more as the weeks go by. I wouldn't be surprised if she's crowned the winner cause I honestly don't see who can top her, besides AKA Jam of course. Another great delivery for her, I didn't like the rapping however, it felt unnecessary. I also would've liked her to keep the performance as intimate as it was at the start cause as it got faster, she lost her voice a little. Either way, she'll stick for a while.

Joan Da


"Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay" - Overs - I'm so glad she dodged the bullet last week! I was initailly doubting if she could reach the final stages of this competition but after tonight, I'm confident she can at least made it to the Top 4. I'm a little pissed she's singing in Filipino tough, mainly because I couldn't understand a word of what she was saying. Her look was totally reworked and it did work for the better here. Her tone was still present during her performance but it was all a lot more memorable, plus it was an uptempo number, how can you go wrong with a pretty girl singing an uptempo number?

Allen Sta. Maria


"Bring Me to Life" - Girls - Where did she come from? Was she even in the show last week? It's like a total different person took the stage tonight. Allen showed much more confidence and a heavier side to the dull diva she was portraying the last time we saw her. This is a much better fit for her. The vocals were solid and despite I wanted to mute the backing singer, the performance was quite enjoyable.  But seriously, back to the backing singer, was it that hard for them to get someone with a better pronunciation? She's not there yet but with some practice, and better backing singers,  she'll get it right. 


Mark Mabasa


Overs - Once more, I didn't expect Mark to be eliminated. He was a good singer, an oldfashioned one but still quite good. I really can't see why the male groups or some of the boys remain on the show, probably cause they are such a trainwreck that people want to keep laughing at them? Maybe he wasn't as likeable as the others but I don't see it. I need someone to explain me this. Haha.

Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added?
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