Mark Mabasa saw the end of his XF dream last week when he found himself in the bottom with Take Off.  Tonight, the contestants are singing rock music. The list adds another act this week but there's a major shocker tonight. One of my favourites is leaving. You'll never guess who went home ...

Highlights after the JUMP ...

Joan Da


"You Oughta Know" - Overs - I'm still surprised Joan is still in the competition, cause I expected her to go home the week after she was in the B2. Thankfully she's still here. Not her best performance, it did sound a bit weird at parts, on the faster verses, but it was a solid effort overall. Joan showed a lot of stage presence and confidence, which shocked me cause I definitely didn't see that one coming. I'd love her to go back to week 1 now though and sing something with her guitar, cause I think it'll allow her beautiful tone to shine a little more.

Allen Sta. Maria


"Bitch" - Girls - I've no idea what was Charice thinking when she handed this song to Allen. She's just 16, she shouldn't be acting so provocative. Apart from that, she showed a lot of confidence and her voice sounded quite good considering the song, so I've gotta give her points for that, right? Just when I was starting to like her, her mentor had to come in and ruin it.

Daddy's Home


"Superstition" - Groups -  I honestly don't like them. So why even waste my time adding them to this list? Well, there was something about their performance that I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the big band feeling I got from it or maybe it was the scatting, which I always like, but I truly thought they sounded the best they've had this season. Ironically, this performance put them in the B2.

KZ Tandingan


"In The End" - Girls -There's no doubt she's the frontrunner at this point and I don't see anyone stopping her from taking the crown home. The performance reminded me to Jessica Sanchez's "Stuttering", one of the few showstoppers of the season and the performance that turned her into a force to be reckoned with. I believe the same happened with KZ tonight. Her phrasing was stunning and the passion she put into the verses made me believe every word she said. The arrangement was also fantastic, it's way better than the original and it actually made it sound like a totally different song, which lead KZ  to take this song and delivered it like it was her own. Amazing.


A.K.A. Jam


"Survivor" - Groups - From left to right: Jhelsea Flores, Auriette Divina, Katrina Velarde, Ashley Campbell, Monique Lualhati and Alyssa Quijano - Wow, the girls are looking hot tonight! I'm glad they are singing something a little more upbeat and contemporary than their previous performances. The choreography was quite fun to watch too. However, some of the girls seemed to forgot the lyrics, specially Ashley who mumbled her solo lines. Despite that, their performance was dynamic and exciting and arguably one of the best of the night. Unfortunately, our pinoy friends didn't support the girls as much as I expected them to and AKA Jam found themselves in the B2 with Daddy's Home. To my shock, the judges decision went to deadlock and the girls were sent home. I truly hope this isn't the last thing we see from them but considering they were formed at bootcamp, I wouldn't be surprised if it is. So enjoy what's probably their last performance.

Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added?
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