Since the new season is fast approaching, what a better way to prepare ourselves than by seeing what last season's bunch is up to? First up, runner up Chris Hordijk. As you may remember he's the younger brother of XF Season 2 winner Lisa Lois, who remains a big fave of mine. The first song is Chris's post-Voice debut single, "Won't You Stay", which was released on March 16. (A long time ago, right? Haha). "Jump From a Waterfall" is his second single, released on June 22. While "Won't You Stay" was a hit, managing to peak to #6, "Jump From a Waterfall" flopped, only making it to #51, probably because the song sounds like a demo Robbie Williams recorded for "Angel" and then scrapped. What do you guys think? Should Chris keep recording Robbie's old demos or go the John Mayer way as he did on his debut single? (Which is quite brilliant if you ask me).

Listen after the JUMP ...

Buy "Won't You Stay" HERE

Buy "Jump From A Waterfall" HERE

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