This is a show I never thought I'll be posting about but since all the shows I usually cover on the blog are currently off the air, I decided I'll do a little something on this, just cause I'm really bored. Haha. The X Factor Philippines premiered on June 23 and is judged by Gary Valenciano, Pilita Corrales, Martin Nievera and Charice, who you may remember from Glee's second season in which she palyed Sunshine Corazon. Since I'm really not interested in doing a full recap of the show, I'll just be posting some highlights from the liveshows.

Highlights after the JUMP ...

A.K.A. Jam


"Got to Be Real" - Groups - From left to right: Jhelsea Flores, Auriette Divina, Katrina Velarde, Ashley Campbell, Monique Lualhati and Alyssa Quijano - Who ever thought that a girlband would be the best act in this competition? This six-strong group was formed in bootcamp, when they all failed to make it to the JH as solo acts. Despite the inital rejection, the girls rose above their contenders graciously with their incredibly powerful and sassy Cheryl Lynn's cover which was also heavily packed with flawless coreography. Yeah, it was a bit old-fashioned but that was the best they could do with the song they were given. Girlbands are usually the weakest link in this shows and have also several weak links among their members but honestly, I couldn't find a single one here. A.K.A Jam is clearly the frontrunner at this point. Only critique I've for them, change the name, it's awful.

KZ Tandingan


"The Show" - Girls - KZ is probably one of the best in this bunch of contestants. Charice really picked the perfect song for her, it was unique, fun and most importantly, it showed she can command the stage. I see lots of potential here, plus the scatting was a great addition to the performance. It could have been a risk and could've hurt her chances had she done it wrong but she was so effortless during it that her performance shone even more. I'll definitely keep an eye on this one.

Joan Da


"Sunday Morning" - Overs - Honestly, the only reason I posted this performance is because I found her guitar playing intriguing. Haha. I've never seen someone play a guitar in such an awkward way before. All joking aside, Joan's got a lovely tone, not the most interesting, though she reminded meto Dia Frampton in a way. There's place for improvement and she definitely needs to do something more exciting the next time, cause right now, she's a bit forgettable, which probably explains why she ended in the B2. (She was saved)


Jerrianne Templo


Girls - Jerrianne's elimination came as a surprise to me. She's definitely not the worse contestant on the show and considering she's gorgeous, I expected her to last some weeks at least. Guess I was wrong, and thinking it better, there was really no way such a good looking girl would've made it through. Her performance was decent, I even considered adding her to the list, but on a second look her performance felt boring, something that probably contributed to her early dismissal.

Do you disagree with me? Anyone else you think I should've added? And most importantly, who's your fave? 
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