It seems my favourite version of the XF will be looking a lot different when it comes back early next year. Both Cutfahter and Pernille are out as judges while Thomas Blachman, a veteran of the show and one of my favourite judges, is set to return. Also out is host Lise Rønne.

Find out who's joining Blachman after the JUMP  ... 

X Factor-dommerne 2013

Danish singers Anne Linnet and Ida Corr (of whom I wrote a post HERE) are joining Thomas in the upcoming sixth season of the series as judges, while Signe Molde has signed up as the host. I thought the previous panel had finally hit it stride last season but apparently, the producers disagree. Blachman was the standout but Pernille did a fantastic job with her acts last year, managing to get two of them to the final, Linne and Ida, who eventually won. I'd never really liked Cutfather, his decisions were always confusing to me, so I'm not gonna say I'm not glad he's gone. Lise's outing came as a shock to me. I honestly thought she was a great host, possibly one of the best I've seen. Guess they needed some fresh air in the show?

Let's go back to our new judges. Anne Linnet is a household name in Denmark. She's been in the scene since the 70's and has released many #1 records. In 2008 she received IFPI Denmark's prize of honour as a recognition for her work in the industry.

Ida Corr is a more current act. With already several awards and #1 hits under her sleeve, the best selling danish artist around Europe will be definitely showing a younger approach when it comes to judging. Her latest album, "Under the Sun", was a critical success among Denmark and spanned five singles.

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